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Today I want to write about my efforts to get an own internet connection. It worth a story.

Kai was all sharing the internet with me, till now. He had a shop below my flat and connected me to his router. But he closed the shop down now and I had to think about a new connection.

Of course I had first of all a look in the internet, what provider are around and which connection speed they have and for which prices. There are not much. Cyta (the main provider), PrimeTel, CableNet and MTN. Plus some smaller and exotic ones (satellite internet and such things).

The webpages of Cyta are absolutely confusing and from all other people – which have Cyta – I’ve heard what they pay. And that was not less.
PrimeTel and CableNet are approx. in the same price range. Just CableNet was a bit better and I’ve heard good things about them.

So I went first of all to the service point of CableNet. The nice woman told me all I need to know and was calculating then the additional costs. 40 Euro deposit for the modem, 100 Euro deposit because I am not Cypriot, 45,80 connection fee for the telephone line and with the first payment I have to pay the first both month in advance. The contract would be for 12 month. If I would like to cancel the earlier then I would have to pay a penalty of 117 Euro.
My area is not in the covered area of CableNet and they would have to rent the Cyta cable and therefore I would have had to book a special rate. I thrown the paper away… but I think it was approx. 35 Euro per month for a 8Mbit line + 5,10 rent for the telephone line.
So one time payment 190,90 Euro (+ plus the first both rates in advance) and then per month approx. 40 Euro.
They would need 3-4 weeks to connect me.

I really had to think about that. Also I didn’t had the money this time. That was around beginning of November.
Then the time came when Kai wanted to close down the shop. So I went back to CableNet, to make the contract.
But the (same) nice woman told me know that it wouldn’t be possible anymore! … Hum??? … On my question “Why?” she answered that they are out of modems. Aha? … “And now?” – “We can’t connect you. We need to wait for new modems.” – “But I have a modem. I can use this.” – “No, that are special modems which are registered in our system.” – “Aha… and when will you get new ones?” – “Can’t say it. We are waiting already over one month on it.” … Hmmm… Welcome to Cyprus.
I told the lady that she shall call me immediately when they got the modems… She will do it, she said…

Then finally came the day when Kai was clearing out the office and I was without internet. But I need internet to work…
A neighbor in the house has as well his own internet and I asked him if we can share until I have my own. He agreed and I needed to buy first of all a WiFi-USB-Stick, because my pc don’t have WiFi.
The connection strenght is not the best and the line is collapsing from time to time or it is terrible slow. I guess he don’t have a bit line and/or he is downloading like hell. Anyway it is not usable to work with. Also the hotspots from City Cell are terrible and cost 50 Euro per month… and a modem is faster.

Today I was finally totally pissed off and decided not to wait longer for CableNet. Who knows when they will get the modems… plus I would have to wait another 4 weeks to get connected.

So I went today to the next PrimeTel shop. They are with 33 Euro per month the cheapest. But also here that wasn’t all, as the nice (and very quite and sllooowww speaking) woman informed me. Also here I have to pay a deposit as non-Cypriot… 150 Euro! Plus 110 Euro activation fee. A 8Mbit line would not cost 33 Euro per month… it would cost 39,99 Euro. The contract time would be 18 month. If I would like to cancel earlier then I would have to pay anyway the whole 18 month (39,99 Euro each month). If I want to have 12 month contract period, then I would have to pay additionally 79,99 Euro connection fee.
So, in conclusion… 340 Euro one-off payment plus 39,99 Euro per month.
That kicked me totally off.

Direct next to the CableNet shop was also an MTN shop. Actually they are more into mobile internet connection, but offer also 2 fixed internet contracts. Unfortunately not in my area.

After all this crab I thought it can’t be bad to ask direct at Cyta. Can’t become worse. So, I went to the next Cyta service point. Luckily is it all in the same area.
Also here the nice woman explained me the cost and the tariffs. 8Mbit line cost 44,46 Euro per month, plus the phone line (no internet without at least the phone line) with 12 Euro per month. In total approx. 56 Euro per month. That is already a difference. But for a 6Mbit line it would be 45 Euro per month (all together). That is already better. And what else? 107 Euro connection fee and 35,10 Euro activation (if I would install the router by myself). That’s it.
Ohh… look. That is not that bad.140 Euro one-off payment and 45 per month… for 6Mbit. Ok, Cyta wins… and I was signing straight the contract. Also Cyta have no extra fee for foreigners… I am excited… or better to say disappointed from the other provider, which require it.
And she said they will connect me within 10 days. And I can cancel the 12 month contract any time without any disadvantages (fees, etc.). Just have to give back the modem and that’s it.

Was totally simple… and I ask myself why the hell Cyta makes such mess on it’s webpage. Have a look on it… there are a lot of prices shown, which nobody will understand. The other say simple “33 Euro per month for 8Mbit” … like it should be … just that there are big hidden fees.

Yes, so it was again typical Cyprian. I just hope the rest will go well… but I’ll expect the worst. It’s better. :-)

Warm regards

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