Fly with a drop

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A young fly decided to have a rest on my window board today. First I didn’t recognized her. Then I saw her and gave it a shot. I grabbed my camera and approached slowly. But the fly didn’t gave a sh** at all. She just sat there let me do what I wanted to do.

So I made many many pictures :) After a while she started to clean herself and after it she started to create a drop on her mouth. She enlarged the drop slowly and sucked it back in the mouth. And then started again to create it, enlarged it slowly and sucked it back in the mouth.

After the second time it seemed like she finished and flew away.

Nobody really knows what this drop is or what it has for a function for the fly. But it seems like many/all flies do it.

The most probable is that it is for cleaning of inner things (like mouth, maybe more). Especially because the one today did it after cleaning.

And here the picture for the story:

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