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Hi together.

Today I was with a friend on picture tour. We went to the small mountain village Lefkara. It’s approx. 40 km from Limassol. With the car is it approx. 30 min to go.

The village is really special. Many people told me already about it… how nice it is, that artist live there and all the embroideries. Today it was time to go there.

Lefkara is located between Larnaca and Limassol. Almost exactly in the middle is a highway exit with McDonalds. This exit you have to take (but it is also signposted) and then in direction to the mountains. The second village is already Lefkara. You can’t miss it.

The village itself is separated in an upper and lower part. It’s around 500 meter above sea level and around 110 people live here.

It is famous for its embroidery and silversmiths. A legend says that even Leonardo da Vinci came 1481 to Lefkara to purchase lace cloth for the altar of the Duomo di Milano.

For sure is that this village is a special place on the island. I can’t really describe it, you need to see and feel it by yourself.

The village consists almost only of natural stone houses. The streets are very narrow (also for cars) and in many of them are flowerpots. The people are very friendly, which is maybe referable to the point that they want to sell their embroidery.

In some corners you can see some woman sitting together and they embroider together, on the street.

One alley was very interesting. It was approx. 1.20 meter wide. In the middle was a kind of bridge – which connect one house with the one opposite – above it. Under this bridge was a couch and a chair and even a painting was on the wall. I was afraid to walk through someones living room. But it was the alley. Really cool :)

After walking a while through this narrow alleys in this village, you realize one thing: Time carries no weight here.

Unfortunately are there also some abandoned houses (of Turkish Cypriots, which left them already before the war). They ruinous slowly but steady, which destroys the total picture a bit.

But anyway I would suggest a visit in the village Lefkara. It worth it for sure.

Also you can make beautiful pictures here ;)

I can’t say much more at the moment about Lefkara. Go there an have a look by yourself.

I will add some pictures below. Unfortunately I didn’t made much of the landscape and of the village itself, because I am at the moment more into macro photography :)

Best wishes


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