Now I’ll make splish splash pictures

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after I was busy in the last days and weeks with macro photography, I found another interesting thing in a forum. Basically it’s about to drop things into water and shooting a picture (hopefully) in the right moment. :) Actually I came on this through another subject of photography… the drop photography. And this is about to make a picture of a water (or whatever) drop. The results… just ask Google for “water drop pictures”. Absolutely stunning!

But I don’t have an idea about it and really good results you’ll get only with microprocessor technique, so I have to do first something more easy.

Microprocessor controlling sounds complicated? It’s actually not… it’s just about precision. It have to be done in split of a second… about millisecond. A magnet valve drops a drop. The drop hits the water and creates the column. In this moment the technique triggers the camera and the flash. It has to be optimized on a millisecond.
And then you can go further… more magnet valves, which drop drops in exact intervals. This drops hit each other and create amazing structures and forms… which exist only for  a split of a second. That’s why it has to be controlled with technique.

So, I have to start with something more easy. :) And I call it now “splish splash”. (Don’t know if there is a name for it already.) Dropping things into water and make a picture of it. And here are the first results :)

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