Visiting Liechtenstein and storm in Germany.

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Hello together,

Chur in the morningunfortunately today in the morning was the view not so great as we expected…but it was anyway great. It became cloudy during the night and it was raining in the morning, when we woke up. Clouds moved trough the valley. That looked really great. Imagine the valley, down is a little city (Chur). And a long cloud is moving slowly trough the valley. And you are in between the clouds and the city. That was stunning.

We packed our stuff around 10 and started in direction to Liechtenstein. Our next target.

Vadouz was just 50km away from Chur and is the capitol of the Principality of Liechtenstein.
We parked in the middle of the city, to walk around a bit. It’s not that big… more small. :) The weather was ok. The clouds was hanging in the mountains, not high above us, but it was not raining.

We saw the whole inner city within one hour by walking.
The town hall in VaduzWith town hall, parliament building and all other important buildings. Quick a Döner against the hunger… for 8 Euro(!!!) … I was really hungry… and then we went back to the car, half past 1.
But because the weather was not really nice, we decided to move our visit at Castle Neuschwanstein to the way back from Munich, and to drive today straight to Augsburg. We want to meet there a friend from Julia, from the world travel forum.

I disallowed our navigation system to use toll roads, because we didn’t wanted to pay for it in Austria, which we had to cross on the way to Augsburg. So, we drove on the country roads.
We left Liechtenstein a few kilometers later already again. Not very big this country :)
And then on the normal road through Austria. The landscape is in this area everywhere (almost) the same. Everything very mountainous :) But very beautiful! I think it’s because I don’t live in the mountains and even never been there and never saw this kind of landscape. Maybe that’s why it is so stunning for me. But it is stunning! :)
A few kilometer more and we was back in Germany. Nowadays there are just little signs left, which are telling you that you just left a country and entered another country. Nothing else. Just in Switzerland and Liechtenstein there was still a real border crossing.Back in Germany we went straight on the next Highway, to save time. It is tiring to drive the whole day and walk around.
Around half past 5 we arrived in Augsburg. Julias friend is living a bit outside of the city, direct on the highway. Here are just a few houses… but 2 big DIY markets, 2 big supermarkets, a big electronic store and even IKEA.Of course we went straight shopping :) We still had to buy plastic boxes for our stuff. We found some in the DIY store. The Media Markt visit was not so successful. I still needed a charger for my pocket camera. I couldn’t charge it with USB, like the girl in the Media Markt, where I bought it, told me. But also here I couldn’t find something with which I could charge it. :(

Reorganisation of the car in AugsburgThen we went finally to the Lady. After a short welcome, we unpacked everything and Julia started the reorganization. To put all our stuff from the temporary bags into the plastic boxes. I wasn’t allowed to help :)

After it we got nice dinner (vegetarian) and then we got internet *yess* :) Of course I had also emails from my customer. And then I had to spend the whole evening to make my customers happy. No time for writing my blog anymore.
I hope I’ll find the time tomorrow, to write a few lines.

See you then. Lovely regards from Augsburg (Germany):

30. und 31.05.2013


I just add some lines straight behind. There is not much to tell about the last 2 days. We decided to make resting day yesterday. I had to work and Julia wanted to work a bit more on the car.

We decided to change our plans again. Munich then on Friday and Saturday. And Sunday morning straight from Munich to Castle Neuschwanstein and then further to Bassano del Grappa in Italy.

And we had the chance to wash some clothes.

Today (Friday, 31.05.2013) was it raining. We decided that there is no sense to go to Munich. It wouldn’t be fun in the rain. We are staying today also ‘at home’ (Chrstines place). I still have to work and Julia is using the chance to visit some relatives here in Augsburg.

But tomorrow morning we definitely leave to Munich. We want to visit the German museum. And then straight further in direction to Castle Neuschwanstein. On the way we will watch out for a nice place to sleep again. Maybe with view on the Castle :)
My only worry is the storm, which the weather forecast told, with heavy rain and storm. I hope it will be not that heavy and the wind will not blow us away in the night.

Ok, then read you soon and warm regards from Augsburg (Germany).

parliament building

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