From Barcelona via Granada till the reservoir

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Hi all together,

we spent the night on the camping place. It just started late. The articles for the blog kept us away from sleeping until 3 in the night. Even Julia had to help me this time, that it goes quicker. I need to write less. :o

Today in the morning we went with the free shuttle bus at 11 to Barcelona. The shuttle bus is provided by the camping place. The bus brought us till the Catalonya square. Just the sight seeing places are spread in the whole city. Julia wanted to see the Sagrada Familia church. I had no idea what to see here anyway. So, we went to the church, which was 1,5 km away. On the way wasn’t many interesting things. We passed some shops. Nothing Hugo is looking after my Paleaspecial. We became hungry and stopped at a Spanish looking restaurant for a Paella. I’ve ordered the only Paella without fish, Paella de Carne. Julia ordered the black one… with Octopus and the rice is cooked in the ink of the animal. That’s why the whole Paella was black.
My one was very spicy/hot. But mostly the chicken.
We realized then that the restaurant was owned by Chinese people. So, Paella in Spain, made by Chinese. Anyway it was tasty.

Sagrada Familia in BarcelonaAfter we went to the Sagrada Familia church.They started to build the church in 1882 and didn’t finished it till now. They expect to finish it in 2026… we will see. It’s not that long in future :)
The outside looking is very interesting. It has it’s totally own style (you can see it on the pictures). But the entrance of 13,50 Euro per person was to much for us. That is expensive to visit a church. So, we just checked it from outside.

Because we didn’t wanted to walk the 1,5km again, we was choosing the subway. 2 Euro for a single ticket. The next subway came after 1-2 minutes. In the front of the train was the number 524 (but the 5 could have been also a ‘S’). But we was waiting for the train ‘S5’. So, we didn’t took it and was waiting for the next one. This one had the number “512”… or “S12”. Slowly we got the idea that it could be the right one. And it was the right one. Why that strange numbers… no idea.

We had to change the train after 2 stations. We left this train on the station “Verticale” and went to the platform for the other train. But here they didn’t wanted to let us in again. ‘Ticket not valid’ said the revolving door. (Here you need to put your ticket in a machine and you can pass the revolving door… if the ticket is valid. We asked a guy who spoke English, what the hell is going on. He explained us that a single ticket is for just one ride. If you want to change the train, it is a new ride and you need a new ticket. … Great!
There are also daily tickets for 7,50 Euro and a 10er ticket for 10 Euro.
We was walking again…

We arrived a bit earlier at the bus stop and went to Mc Donalds again, for an ice cream. (I we get soon discount as best customers in Europe?) Internet we didn’t need this time. By the way, in Barcelona is a free WIFI in the whole city. Very nice.
That is all what we saw from Barcelona. The Sagrada de Familia and the way there and back (plus a bit subway). But for me it was enough. Barcelona is a really stressful city. I didn’t needed more of it.

My first try with my new hammogAround 6pm we was back on the camping place. For me was clear… I just want to relax the rest of the day. Nothing else.
I took the time to try finally my new hammock for the first time… a dream! Such hammock is a wonderful thing to relax. :)

Tomorrow we go on to the west. :)


We used this day again for relaxing. From time to time you need time to relax on such a trip. It shouldn’t be forgotten.
We switched off the alarm clock today and slept until we woke up by our self. It was some when in the noon.

And again we haven’t done much this day. We went snorkeling on the little beach near the camping place. It is good for snorkeling, but not good for swimming. A lot of stones and rocks under water.
As souveniers I took 3 golf balls with me, from the ground of the sea in Mataro. Julia took straight a whole signal rocket. We disposed it quickly again… bit dangerous this stuff.

Then we used the opportunity to wash our dirty clothes and did nothing else then relaxing.
We had to leave the camping place at 8pm. And we did it. Exactly 8 pm we left the place. But we had still one point on the list for this day. We wanted to visit the fountain ‘Font Magica’ in Barcelona. A very famous fountain, as Julia said. It plays with colors and the water to music… lets see.

Font Magica in BarcelonaWe arrived around 9 there. It was still bright, but the fountain was already playing music. Looked like the light is on as well already, but we couldn’t see it yet. It was still to bright. :)

We stayed until it became dark and as more dark it became as better it was. Absolutely amazing… a must see! Of course I made a lot of videos :)
We stayed there until 11pm and was watching the game of the fountain. But then we had to go. We still had to find a sleeping place for the night… outside of Barcelona.

So, back to the car and checking in the navigation system where the next good place to sleep would be. We ended up on a wild camping side somewhere outside of Barcelona. We just checked quickly the surrounding, converted the car and went to sleep.


The night was good, but too short again. We got up around 9 and had a quick look at the beach, which was in front of us. Then we went back on the street. Today we wanted to travel the longest distance till yet. Our target today was San Pedro, a hippie village, or whatever. We had not really an idea what we can expect there.
We just known, because Inge told us, that it will be a ride of 700km.Thanks to the Spanish freeway we could make distance very quick, even without toll. We really arrived, with one hour delay, this day in Las Negras. There shall be also the hippie village San Pedro somewhere in this area. But there were no more detailed information about the position of the village on the map and also Inge didn’t know it.So we stopped on the first parking in Las Negras and asked some punks, which was also on this parking. They spoke just a little bit English, but they’ve known ‘San Pedro’. They just said ‘Down the road, then left and then straight ahead.’. … Ok, we was following this instruction and ended up in the center of the town… but no San Pedro.

On the way to San PetroWe drove a bit trough the streets until we saw a sign with ‘Beach San Pedro’ on it… that way. We was following this and the following signs until we came on a crossing without sign. Here we was now… standing stupid around and didn’t know where to go.
Julia asked a guy who was walking around there. His name was Manfred, around 50 and from south Germany. What an coincidence. Manfred is living since 6-7 years in Las Negras already. Before a while in San Pedro, but that wasn’t the real this for him and they had fights in the village, he said. Now is he living somewhere in the desert around Las Negras, in a house ruin, which he inherited from the guy who was living before there.
Manfred explained us what San Pedro actually is. An old, abandoned village or fortress, which was ‘taken over’ 30 years ago from hippies. Since this time are around 20-30 people constantly living in the fortress, the old houses, self made caves and tents.

This area there is actually a nature reserve. But as they are anyway illegal there… And the locals of Las Negras make also good money with the hippies. For example go every day several boats from Las Negras to San Pedro, to bring a lot of tourists there. And for one tour (there and back) it cost 12 euro per person. San Pedro is not reachable with the car. Just by boat or walking (60 or 20 Minutes – 2 different ways). It’s a bit complicated.

Moon in Las NegrasWe decided that it was to late to walk there. And for a boat was it to late.
All we could do is to find a nice place for the night and to go to sleep. That is what we did. We tried the last street on the map. It was behind the last houses. Lonely. Wonderful. That was our place for the night. On the one side the back of the houses and on the other side the half desert.


The sun woke us up in the morning again with her unbelievable heat. Around 9 was it not possible to stay longer in the car. We converted the car and went to the beach, where we informed us about the boat trips to San Pedro. The first boats was gone already and we had to wait for the next ones. We spent the time with a coffee in one of the beach bars. Then we went back to the car, packed some stuff, reparked the car and came back to the meeting point for the boat trips.

The next boats went half an hour late. Antoino, the driver, spoke not a single word English. Some Spanish girls, which also wanted to drive with the boat. He was asking for 24 Euro… Hää? 2 persons and straight there and return fee. But we wasn’t it even sure when (and if) we want to return. But we had no chance, we had to pay. So we told him that we come with him back at 7pm. Then we would have 8 hours in San Pedro.

San PetroAnd then finally we started. It was not far with the boat. Just around the corner, in the next bay. With the zodiac was it a ride of just 10 minutes. It looks a bit strange when you arrive from the sea side. From far you can see already, on a small hill, the defense fortress from the 16th century. Looks like a small, rotten castle. The walls and the tower are still there, but it’s slowly falling apart. Then a few old houses become visible. They look like nobody is living there for ages already. But also the solar panels shine from far away already. On the beach are tents and everywhere self made houses from… what the people find.
The beach is surprisingly full with people. Mostly tourists.

We sit down directly on the beach and try to get in used to this place. The sun is burning and soon I start my first snorkeling trip. The water is very clear and here are more fishes as on every other places I’ve visited yet. It doesn’t mean as many as in Egypt (e.g.)… just bit more than usual here. :)

We took a good sunbath, Julia went snorkeling and I had a look around. Here is no dress code. Here are in general no rules. Everybody is doing what he wants. Some are nude, some are topless. Surprisingly many young people. Actually here are almost all people young.
San PetroBehind us is a stand with self-made trinket. I have a look at it, searching for a souvenir for Anna. The saleswoman, who is just working at the next piece, came and we had a little chat. She is from Sweden and her boyfriend from Argentina. They live already several years in the village.
Many German people shall also live here. But I haven’t met anybody yet.
Here are 4 fresh water springs in the village, which support the people with drinkable water. Electricity comes from the solar panels. Here is even a bakery and a pub.

We had a look around in the village. First of all we went to the spring which is close to the fortress. To the spring we had to walk up through the bushes. We pass some other ‘home’ on the way to the spring. Again build with everything they could find. It looks more like an junkyard then a village.
The spring is a usual (cement)stone with a hole in it, where the water comes out. Passing the spring we came to the fortress. Suddenly we could hear music and was afraid to enter a living room from someone. We got slowly closer and said ‘Ola?’… until a big, older, half naked man, with tattoos, looked around the corner. He looked a bit scary. But he invited us to come closer. Soon we found out that Flockie is from Berlin. The first German in the village. And Berliner is he still. Even after 16 years in the village.

San PetroWe had a longer chat with Flockie. About the village, which was build in the 14th century. The fortress against attacks from the sea (even a canon was found recently not far from the shore). Flockie itself is living in a cave, not far from the fortress. The cave is already 800 years old. I need to say that it looks really cozy. He even have a microwave and a TV inside (be couldn’t believe it until we saw it). He have some solar panels and a windmill for the electricity support. And he is the man with the bar here… with an amazing view!

After our chat with Flockie was it almost time already to go back. We was just back on the beach as Antonio arrived with his zodiac, to collect the 7 o’clock people. The trinket saleswoman also came to ask if we stay overnight. We couldn’t say it. We would love to. But this day is national holiday in Spain and all Spanish people get drunk. And our Kangaroo is direct on the beach… we was worried. We had to go first back to the car for sure.

We did it like that. On the way back I even saw 2 big stingrays in the water. Wonderful. I never saw such big and beautiful stingrays. Unfortunately was it just a moment. :(

Back in Las Negras we went first of all back to the car. Luckily it was still there and in one piece. We put everything back in the car and thought about what to do now. We would love to sleep both in San Pedro. But we couldn’t leave the Kangaroo alone in this village with all the drunken people. Julia made the offer that I can go alone to San Pedro and she stays with the Kangaroo. I was not very convinced about this offer, to leave them alone.
After a lot thinking about it, she could convince me, to go alone back to San Pedro and to leave Julia, Hugo and the Kangaroo alone with the drunken guys.

Julia drove me to the place where the shortest way starts. From there it should be just a walk from 20 minutes. It was late already, around half past 9. The sun was behind the mountains already.
On the way to San PetroThe way went through the real half desert. Vegetation was basically not existing anymore. Ruins of old houses on the trail. After a few minutes went the trail to the sea. From the mountain on the sea. It was the blue hour. The hour between the sunset and darkness. After a few more mountains and  curves I saw finally San Pedro, in the bay in front of me. The moon was raising blood red, at the end of the bay, direct next to the rock. A fantastic view. A moment you can’t save on camera. It takes me another 10 minutes, till I reach the village. I guess it took me around 30 minutes to get to the village, not 20. But I did it before it became dark.

But it was not very bright anymore and I couldn’t see much anymore at the beach. The trinket saleswoman wasn’t there anymore and I didn’t know anybody else. I was looking for a cozy place for the night. I found a place between 2 tents and without stones. After a small snack I was watching the moon how he was raising behind the mountain. It was full moon and in the moment, in which he came out behind the mountains, it looked as he want to see what we are doing on the beach. Genius.

I got in contact with the people in the tent next to me. 2 Italians, which live since 5 in Barcelona. Or he lives there since 5 years and she came 2 years ago for him also there. They come every year here for one week camping. But mostly the people here stick with their groups.
That is also what I realized here. Groups like always. Everybody stays with his group.

Some people made a bigger campfire at 1 in the night. The group of people around the fire became bigger and bigger. I went also there after a while, to see what is going on there. :)
One guy was playing guitar and sang Spanish songs. Some people in the round sang with him. I am not… my Spanish is limited to some simple words.
But it was interesting. The smell in the air contains basically 3 notes… burning wood, fish (which was cooking in the fire) and Marijuana. Mostly the last one.
The people around the fire was mostly Spanish, as far as I could see it. A few woman was dancing hula hoop.

I am sleeping on the beach in San PetroI got really sleepy around 2. The crowd became also smaller already. I went back to my sleeping place and wrapped myself in the blanket. I wanted to kick my own as, that I didn’t took my sleeping back and/or tent with me. It became colder than I thought. Luckily I took my long trousers and jacket with me. I tried to make everything as draft proof as possible and wrapped finally even my feet in a towel.
I needed a long time to fall asleep. This unusual way to sleep and the bright moon.

After half an hour, I was still not sleeping, I opened my eyes again. The moon was so bright like a energy saving bulb. When I lifted up my head a bit, to see the sea, I saw something beautiful. A girl was dancing silent on the beach with a hula hoop. She was, from my point, direct in the mirror-light of the moon in the sea. So I saw just her silhouette… and how she moved her beautiful body to keep the wheel alive. You can imagine it like a shadow dancer… just without the shadow wall… and much more beautiful.
I was staring at her for a while… until she didn’t wanted anymore or… noticed my views.

I think it took another half an hour until I fall finally asleep. I think I slept a few hours, till I woke up again, because my back was hurting. I went on my side and fall asleep again. It became bright already, when I woke up again, because my side was hurting now. I turned back on my back, watched a bit the morning and fall asleep once again. But just soon later I woke up again, because the sun was raising and the first sun rays was hitting me… over the sleep. But ok, like that I could start the morning very early. Early but relaxed.


Actually I wanted to stay longer in San Pedro, but my stomach made problems. I don’t know if it was the cold night or the last sausage in the morning. And I didn’t wanted to be on a place without any normal toilet with stomach problems. So, I packed my staff and left San Pedro earlier as planned. :(
Also the way back was very beautiful. An impressing way back over the rocks at the sea.

Unfortunately was the communication not working. Julia didn’t got my message that I am on the way back. I had to walk all the way back to the parking space. At least I knew the exact place where she was. Anyway it was around 10 kilometer. I was so angry…

She had bad news as well. They stole our hubcaps and the front wiper. Great.
So our first way this day was to the police. The policemen was very friendly, even a bit slowly. But we had time. I think inside he declared us for mental, that we bother him because of stolen hubcaps (that the wipers was also stolen we realized first later).
GrenadaAfter this highlight we went further to Granda. Here was Alhambra waiting for us. The probably most famous Moorish fortress. At 8 we arrived in front of the fortress. They just closed it. We checked shortly the surrounding and went then back to the car. We found a parking without paying, but wasn’t sure if we can stay there. But for the night it looked alright. We went to sleep.


In the morning was the parking full. Not even one space was free. We was thinking again if we could stay here or not. We asked a taxi driver and he told us that we can’t stay there. This parking space is the parking of the authorities, and they will tow away our car. Ups… We went quickly to an official parking around Alhambra. They charge exact to the minute… maximum 18 Euro.

We parked our Kangaroo and straight to the ticket shop. First of all we had to stay in the row. After 15 minutes it was our turn. 13 Euro for one person for all areas. Well, for such important building… what can we do. Our visiting time was from 2 to 8 pm. It was just 12. We had a bit time till we could go in.
We went back to the car to relaxed 2 hours.

At 2 pm we started finally to Alhambra. You can imagine it like a big fortress. A big wall around and inside the things to see. Alhambra is also known for it’s beautiful garden. We went first of all to the palace, because for the place we got a separated visiting time. Probably that not to many people enter the palace in the same time.

AlhambraThe palace consists of several buildings, which have the most ornaments. And it’s the most renovated part of the fortress. After it we went to the palace of King Karl. Looks like a Colosseum. Just smaller and somehow empty. And now it looks like a stage for something. After the both palaces we went to Alcazeba. The defence place of Alhambra. Of course with the highest towers and the best views. :) At the end was just the Generalife left. Here was the general life :) With beautiful gardens.

AlhambraThen it was 8 and we had to leave. Actually a very short text for such important building. But I think everybody should see it with its own eyes. And I was not very impressed of Alhambra. Maybe it is the best to rent such audio guide, to get more information about this stuff.
It was good to visit it. But one time is enough for me.

Then again the every evening question… where to sleep. And like always… first of all to Mc Donalds. :) Internet and then we will see what we will do. This evening we didn’t went further at all. We stayed overnight on the Mc Donalds parking. Julia was asking the manager, if it would be ok and they said yes. So, we stayed at the source. And the parking was empty anyway.


Even at the next morning the parking was empty, except of 2-3 cars. The morning shift was probably wondering why there is a German car was parking there and why there come people out finally. :) But nobody said anything and was friendly when I bought my morning coffee (the 2nd time that I got a coffee in the morning :) ).

We had a look where we can find a DIY market and a swim bath in Grenada. Ah yes, I haven’t told you yet. On the way to Grenada we almost lost our exhausting pipe. The rubber, who is holding the pipe, ruptured. Luckily we realized it by chance and fixed the problem provisional. But we need to fix it professionally, not provisional. (We also still needed wiper)

So we went first to the next DIY market. It was located with some other stores together. But first of all we went to the DIY market. We needed some things. After it we went in the sports store. I needed bathers, flip flops, water boots and a towel… bit more then planed.

After the shopping tour we went to the swim bath of Grenada. Our last shower was already a while ago. :) And swimming was also nice. They even had a Jacuzzi. :)
But after one hour we left already again. Not before we took some Oranges from the tree in front of the bath. :)

Then the question what to do next. To the Hippie village or not. We wanted both to go there. But we read that the parking isn’t save. Steeling and so on. Here we was back at the security question. After a lot of thinking about it we decided to go to Orgiva. But first of all we still needed a garage. We still needed to fix the exhausting pipe and to buy wipers.

Unfortunately nobody spoke English in the garage… not to talk about German. With a few words Spanish, hands, feet and drawing we could tell somehow what we want. Somehow we bought the right wipers and one of the mechanics was crawling under the Kangaroo to fix the exhausting pipe. They didn’t had the rubber we needed, but they had better tools to fix the provisional solution more professional provisional.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo we went further with new wipers and a higher exhausting pipe… on the highway in direction to Orgiva. We left the highway and was looking at a dam. It looked interesting… we didn’t arrived in Orgiva that day… :) We are now at the shore of the dam and enjoy the evening. ;)

All the best

Our route:

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