Who the hell is Hugo?

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Hugo… who the hell is Hugo?

Maybe you was wondering about the name ‘Hugo’, while you was reading my travel reports, already… and you asked yourself… “Hmm? What? I thought they are travelling as a pair only!? Who is now this Hugo? And how they manage to sleep in this small caravan?”. Here the enlightenment. ;)

Hugo is of course no human, he is a donkey. A cuddle donkey, to be exactly. 21 cm tall und 222 gram in weight. But Hugo was not just our mascot or something like this. He was a full crew member. :) He went (almost) everywhere with us and was posing for the pictures.

2 thinks inspired me to Hugo. One thing are the cuddle toy travels, which some special agencies offer. You can send your cuddle toy to this people and they are travelling around with it and show them the world. They take pictures of your cuddle toy in front of sights and write sometimes even small travel reports about it.
And the other source of my inspiration is called Amelie. The movie ‘Amelie’, in which the main actress is sending the garden gnome of her father around the world. A friend of her, a stewardess, takes the gnome with her on the trips and makes ‘holiday pictures’ of the gnome in front of sights all around the world. The sense behind it is that Amelie wants that her father starts travelling, to get rid of his daily life and to see the world.

So I decided to take a cuddle toy with me on the trip and to make pictures of it in front of sights. But I was searching for a special passenger. At Amazon I found it finally… the cool donkey with the sunglasses and the Hawaiian shirt.
That is the right one. We could need such a cool guy in our team. :D

And like that it happen then. The cool donkey came with us on the road trip. :)
But better we let pictures speak now (my Facebook junkies probably know most of the pictures already… it is just easier to publish them on Facebook… but here now all)… have fun.

PS: In fact that I was photographing Hugo with 3 different cameras, the pictures are not sorted well. It starts 3 times from the beginning. Please don’t get confused.

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