Limassol by night. Photoshooting in the night.

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Hi together.

A few days ago I got bitten by the bug again. I was a long time not on a photo tour anymore. Which was mainly because my good Olympus broke down, a few weeks ago. :( And who was once familiar with something better, don’t want to go back to the ‘worse’ anymore.
But this time I just had to make pictures. :)

So I grabbed a friend and we decided to make some pictures during sunset and after it.
The place should be a highway bridge in Limassol. It looks always cool when the cars leave light rays at long shutter times.

I missed the sunset. Bit we could play a bit with the shutter times, when it became dark.

And now is my new baby here (I’ll write later about it) and a had to try it in the dark on the roof. :)

Best wishes

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