1st photo shooting with Océane – On the roof top

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I met Océane a few weeks ago during a Couchsurfing meeting. We made the meeting in the beautiful Karpaz area and of course I couldn’t go without my camera. She saw the camera with my big 300mm lens and she was asking me about this big baby. :)
We started a conversation and it came out that she wants to start photography and was asking if I can give her some basic tips.

We decided that it would be better if I come to her and we can talk in peace one weekend. That I can give her some tips from my small stock of knowledge and she also said that she have a friend who agreed to be our model. A German hip hop musician, who lives in Nicosia.

OcéaneSo, last weekend I went then to Nicosia. First we where talking about us, to get known a bit to each other and then I was showing her some basics with photographing with DSLR cameras. Shutter speed, aperture, ISO and so on. Explaining this things also on test pictures.
It became late and her friend wasn’t showing up. So she was calling him, to hear that he canceled the meeting (and shooting), because his parents are in Cyprus.
Thank you very much for letting us know. ^^

Well, we spend the evening then photographing in the old town of Nicosia (I’ll post this pictures later in a different article.) and on the next morning we were photographing each other on the roof top of her house (10 floors). You find the pictures below. She is very photogenic and it seems like she is feeling well in front of a camera :)
We decided already to make more pictures. :)

I got my new baby, the Nikon D5200, last week and it was the first chance to test it extensively.

I hope you like the pictures and if you have any notes, suggestions and/or critic, then please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

Best regards
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