My beloved Olympus E-620 died suddenly and unexpected :(

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Today I have bad news (well, for me, not really for you). My good Olympus E-620 died suddenly and unexpected.

When I was at the castle Buffavento, 3 weeks ago, I had of course my baby with me. But suddenly, in the middle of a photo series, the display became dark. I thought that maybe the batteries are empty. But the screen remained black, also with new batteries. I realized that the background light is still working, but no information has been shown on the display.

Olympus E-620 aufgeschraubtI opened the camera carefully, didn’t had warranty anymore anyway, and was shaking on the contacts. It can happen that some become loose with the time. But nothing.
I didn’t dare to do more and closed the case again. So, I was sending my baby to a ‘specialist’ in Nicosia, who was recommended from some friends of mine. So, I put all my hope in this guy.
A few days later came the answer. First of all he was complaining that I opened the camera already (so what?). And he can do nothing and he don’t have the right spare parts. He will send the camera back… aham, great guy.

My last chance was eBay. I bought a new display for the camera and was hoping that this is the delinquent. Just today I got the replacement display, after 2 weeks delivery time, and changed it… you guess right, it wasn’t the display. I guess that some electric thing inside burned.

I could send the camera to Olympus for repair. Olympus have a fix price list for repairs. So I know it would cost me at least 200 Euro. And here is the thinking to invest so much money in an old camera (I know, my baby). The technology is outdated and I think a longer time already to change to another maker.
Olympus makes really good cameras… I could say they are made ‘with love’. But they are more expensive. There is rarely something new and lenses are hard to find. Especially when you are looking for something more special on the secondhand market.

Also Olympus have some new cameras on the market, of course. But only mirror less cameras. Here I could have targeted on the  OM-D E-M5. But just the camera with the kit lens cost over 1000 Euro. Far over my budget.

So I decided to change to Nikon. Why now Nikon and not Canon… honestly? When you compare the current models of both makers… then you’ll become mad. The one is here better and the other one not so good. But there is the other one better and this one not so good.

I got somehow to the new Nikon D5200 and was reading many good recessions. And the price of under 600 Euro incl. the 18-55m lens is really good. So I ordered this baby – the first camera I buy new and not used. And honestly, the difference is really big. Even the Olympus made great pictures… the Nikon is better.
Of course, between the Olympus E-620 and the Nikon D5200 are 4 years of progress. There are the 12,3 megapixel (E-620) vs. the 24 megapixel (D5200)… not that I am a megapixel freak, but it is nice to have some more. Or the much better ISO sensitivity. That was one thing which bothered me most at the Olympus. More then ISO 800 was not possible, then I had just noises in the picture. With the D5200 I can use still ISO 3200 without to much noises. And a video function is also included. I will not need it often, but sometimes I missed it.

I had the Olympus E-620 just half a year. Then it broke down. Pity, but now a new age of photography is starting for me. The first pictures with the D5200 I’ve posted the last days already (e.g. the shooting with Océane or the night pictures in Nicosia (thanks better ISO!)). The Nikon D5200 just gives me more possibilities to develop and I am more satisfied with the picture quality.
The only bad thing is that I have to sell now all my Olympus lenses and to buy all lenses new for the Nikon. Because the Olympus lenses don’t fit on the Nikon. :( It can take months until I have all lenses again.
If you like, then you can help me a bit. Just go to my Amazon wishlist (click here) and then you can buy me some parts, if you like ;)

So, now I continue with Nikon.

Rest in Peace my little Oly…

Best regards

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  1. Carlos Raspanti says:

    Hi Gordon,
    I have the same experience like you. I have a Olympus E-620 since October 2011. One month ago, the display became dark. Always I took care with it, against sun, dust, etc. I live in Argentina. Here is difficult to get repair parts. Apparently, the display flex is broken. I’m very very dissapointed. The camera has less than 8000 shootings. I had bought several Zuiko lenses, 9-18mm, 35mm macro and adapters to use old lenses Nikon mount. I was proud with me babe. Thank you for tell us your experience. Today, I don’t want to buy a new camera, anymore. I’m going to take picture with my cellphone. Best regards.

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Carlos.

      I am sad to hear that you made similar experiences. But honestly, it always can happen. It is very bad, but its technique. I wouldn’t give up photographing just because the camera died. Get a spare part (maybe will take some time) or get another one. Sounds like your camera is quite new, don’t you still have Guarantee?

      And seriously, the quality of a mobile phone camera isn’t comparable to a DSLR.


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