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a friend wrote me a while ago if I’d like to go with her to a tattooist. She wanted to get a new tattoo. Of course I gave her company. I am thinking a long time already to get another one and where hoping to get some new impressions and information.

So, we went to Agia Napa. To the studio of Blood Brothers. Not really around the corner. But she knows the tattooist longer already and wanted to have it done from him. So, while she was ‘busy’ I checked the magazines and templates for new ideas.

Really, when you are already in a tattoo studio, then is it not easy to leave there again without end up yourself under the machine. I didn’t… but only because it became late already and there was no time anymore. But I caught the fever and made an appointment for some days later. It was very spontaneous, but like that I had some more days to decide what and where.
I have already another tattoo for a long time in my head. But for that I need to find, first of all, a person who have knowledge about this kind of tattoos. It’s about a Maori tattoo. And the shapes and symbols have meanings. Just not many people know this meaning. So obviously someone from New Zealand would be the best address. :)

Ahh yeah, of course I had my camera with me… ;)

And a few days later we swapped. I got the pain and my friend took the camera in the hand :)

But I am not happy with the result, to be honest. The tattoo looks ok after all and is ok. But if you compare the template with the result, then you see that a lot of details are skipped or changed. The turtle is only with a hint on its existence recognizable. Also the Manta is hard to recognize. Lines are crooked.
Maybe I am fussy… but a tattoo will be always on my skin. I want to have it done perfect. And I mean 100% perfect. When I choose a design, then I want it to have it done exactly like the design is… not changed in any detail.
Next time I need to be more careful with choosing a tattooist (who will decorate my body for the rest of my life) and will check more intense the work he have done before.

Here both for comparing. tattoo vergleich

Best wishes

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