Professional photo shooting with Océane and Pauline

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Hi together.

3 weeks ago we had a quite professional photo shooting with 2 models. My friend Océane was asking me if I am up for a photo shooting. She and a friend of her are leaving the island soon as well and they wanted to have some nice pictures together, before they leave.

Of course. No problem. I was quite sure that we can make some nice pictures of them. But then the circle became a bit bigger. Another friend of her is makeup artist and we invited our hairdresser Agnis as well.
Then it came out that Julien (the make up magician) from French Touch Make-Up knows also someone. The lady (Marie) have a fashion store in the old town of Limassol. And she would lent us some clothes for the shooting.
And then we had a quite professional shooting in front of us.

As date we were choosing the Saturday 3 weeks ago. The girls came on Friday already, as they come from the capital. So we could start on Saturday straight early in the morning. First of all we went to Julien, to make the makeup. Then we went to our first location, the Curium beach. The sun was burning a lot already (I got a good sunburn that day). Julien was also very useful as light designer. :)
After that location we changed to the beach with the old ship wreck. The beach is a stone beach, but therefore also not very busy. Just a fisherman was there as well that time.
Around noon we went back to Limassol. Visiting Marie in her Allstar clothes shop. Trying the clothes which Marie was choosing already for us. And of course more pictures in and around the shop. Now also Agnies joined us. The hairdresser, which comes also from Nicosia.
After we tried all clothes and everything was fitting well, we went back to Julien. Renewing the makeup and now also hair styling. Everybody was busy, so I could relax a bit :)
Around half past 4 we left to the second part of the shooting.

Our next location was an old abandoned factory building. Very nice, but also difficult through the bad light situation. Big barrels and dirty buildings. Very cool location :) Most of the pictures here I made in the HDR mode.
And the last location was Governors beach. A very special ‘beach’ with huge white rocks. Always a favorite place for pictures :)

After we had all pictures done, we were really tired. It doesn’t sound so much… but it was just a shortcut of the whole day. It was hard work for everybody… and I think we all made a good job.

And here the pictures.

Best regards

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