Photoshooting with Nadya

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once again I had the posibility to make a photo shooting. This time with a friend of a friend. :) Nadya, which is originally from Russia, is in Cyprus for a while. She is actor and is used to be in front of a camera, which was very advantageous. She was posing by herself and I could fully concentrate on my part.

We were the whole day out for the shooting and changed several times the location. We went to the old factory, the salt lake (which is try now in the summer), then further to the ship wreck and last but not least the beach with the big white rocks.

I got some feedback to the pictures already. They are very divided. Some like the pictures and the model / posing. And some say that it looks to artificially. Personally I am happy with the pictures and the model liked them as well. I think all good.
But let me know your opinion.

And here are the pictures :)

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