Happy New Year 2015

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I’d like to still wish you a Happy New Year 2015, if I haven’t done it already :)
I hope you had a great New Years Party and your targets for 2015 are reachable ;)

We spent New Year quite modest. At a – more or less – lonely place with Jim and Christos. We met, unpacked the cameras, heated up the Glühwein, prepared a snack and then photographed the 5 rockets at midnight and then we let the things slide.

It was nothing wild, but still it was a wonderfull evening. Quite and relaxed  with good friends.

It was also the last New Year here on the island. In a few weeks I will finally say Good Bye. But later more about it. There are many big plans for the new year. I hope they are not to high to reach. :)

So, then I wish you a Happy New Year again and that 2015 will become an awesome Year! ;)

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