Top up your Aldi Talk with a E-Plus topup card

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If you are in Germany for a while and you may get a Aldi Talk prepaid phone card, you may like to have the information that you can also top up your Aldi Talk Prepaid card with E-Plus top up cards. Maybe it is sunday and Aldi is not open or maybe there is no Aldi around… then just rush to the next petrol station and get a E-Plus top up card. Call *104*[16 digit number]# and you get new credits on your mobile phone.

It’s because Aldi Talk is using the E-plus network (maybe they are even just a ‘piece’ of E-Plus). Who knows. It is not important. Important is that it is working ;-)

I tried it myself with the 10 Euro top up card and it was working just fine.

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