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What I like:

  • To put the cold feet in the warm sand after swimming and to let them warm from the sand.
  • Watching animals.
  • Pure yogurt with honey. And then let it “melt” slowly in the mouth. First you taste the sour yoghurt and then the sweet honey.
  • Sitting in the night with a can of coffee on the beach and listen to the sounds of the sea and doing nothing. Relax, reflect, dream.
  • Standing in the sun and feeling the warmth.
  • Making a great picture.
  • To discover something interesting during diving – a new fish, a ‘something’, a piece of someone who lost it maybe long time ago.
  • After swimming in the cold water (spring / autumn) taking a hot shower. It is feeling like being reborn.
  • When my pillow smells like her.

What I don’t like:

  • Unreliable people – especially women on a date.
  • Temperatures below 20 degrees. There is no too warm, but too cold very quickly..
  • Being bankrupt.
  • Aggressive and/or drunk people.
  • That I can’t remember anything. Especially names, that is sometimes very embarrassing  :-/
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