Pelorus Jack – The real hero which almost nobody knows

He was a hero in New Zealand at that time. In Europe he was probably never known. I think that it’s a shame, because his story is one of the most amazing ever! And not only for sailors. Just take a few minutes to learn about Pelorus Jack’s story of his exploits!

Good morning little cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are a subfamily of the octopus. From time to time I see them during my snorkling trips. Get known more about them and don’t miss the great video, which I could make during my observations.

Did you ever saw a natural torpedo? Have a look at this!

I’ve been in the last day more on octopus “hunt”. After I found out – a few days ago – how to find them and that they are anyway here. I love these animals. How they look like, how they move and especially if they don’t run away straight away and instead hovering on one […]