Welcome to… Other countries briefly introduced.

A Facebook friend introduced her country yesterday with a video. I thought that was a cool idea. To introduce a country short with a video. I mean you don’t know the whole country because of it, but you have at least a brief glimpse.

And so I had a look for such “welcome to…”-videos for other countries. Have fun with my small tour through the countries of our world… Read more

Catastrophe in Cyprus – Huge explosion on military base

I was today in the morning without internet and called Kai to hear if there is everything working. He said “Joar, internet is working. But did you hear that with the power plant already? We had a total power cut because the main power plant got blown up!”… :-o “What?”

So, after the internet was back, I was looking on all news pages for information about it. So, the power plant itself doesn’t explode by itself. But seems like 2 container with ammunition on the military base next to it (close to Zigi/Mari).

Krankenwagen und Feuerwehr vor der Militärbasis

According to the newspaper the container caught fire and blow up. The shock wave was so huge that debris hit and destroyed windows from cars on the near by highway (Limassol – Larnaca) and insured even the driver.
Also the villages around got bombed by debris (splinter, metal sticks and whole roof parts) and houses got partly heavily damaged. And also the near by main power plant of the island got damaged and it imminent a shut down of the whole plant.

Eyewitnesses say it looks like after a bomb attack.

At least 12 people got killed in the disaster and at least 30 got insured.

The container itself remain from an confiscation, under pressure from US, in 2009, when they found an illegal ammunition transport from Syria to Iran. Since then the 98 container with ammunition are stored on the military base. And 2 blow up now last night. Not to think about what would have happened if all – or at least more – would have been exploded.

As we can read now at http://www2.onthisisland.com/cyprus-power-outage/2011/07/11/, are all 98 container exploded. The damage on the power plant is enormous (there is also a link to pictures from BBC… looks really bad).
The flags are on half mast and an terrorist attack is not excluded at the moment.
The link above is a live ticker. All new information will be published there.

I didn’t really heard anything here in Limassol. Actually I just fall a sleep a bit before. But it was the whole night strange foggy. Maybe a forerunner.

Cyprus is NOT Greece!

Because it always happen to me that people ask me “And, how is it in Greece?” … or “Did you come good back to Greece?” or “Tell me, you have the big finance crisis there in Greece?” … Today again for all ignoramus. :P
Cyprus is not Greece! (South)Cyprus is an own country and has only that much to do Greece as the most locals here come of Greeks and because of that called Greek Cypriots.
And I live in Cyprus, not in Greece!
And again we have learned something ;-)

Nobody has a finance crises here (except me), Greece is (more or less) far away. Greek politics have nothing to say here and the country is called Cyprus.

In the north of Cyprus it becomes a bit more complicated. I can’t tell is exactly. According to Wikipedia belongs the territory of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus to the European Union. I need to ask Moni how it exactly is. But I think also North Cyprus have an own government and is with it an own country, but only Turkey accept it.

So: Greece is not Cyprus – Gordon is in Cyprus… everything clear? :-)

Typical Cyprus – Webhoster in Cyprus


today something from the category ‘Typical Cyprus’ ;-)

I was just looking around for web hosting in Cyprus. That is not so easy. Cyprus is not so big and the internet connections are bad as hell.

But I just found one. When I tried to figure out if the server is really located in Cyprus, I quickly rethought about hosting my web-space with them.
Here the original quote from the webpage of the provider (else no one will believe me):


Simplex’s data centre is located on the 4th (top) floor of a building in the heart of Limassol, the international business centre of Cyprus and features 176m2 (approx. 1895 sq.ft.) of combined server space and office space.

Got it? :-)

Ok, everybody should know that computer produce heat. But heat is not so good for the hardware. For your computer at home is it not a big deal. But companies already should take care about a bit cooling. But in an datacenter is it a must have to take care about special cooling systems.
Good, there is no word about their cooling system. But for everybody who is not so familiar with with Cyprus. We gave here over 6 month with over 30 degrees. Partly over 40. And if I want to establish here a datacenter, then I’ll do it as deep in the ground as possible, and not in the top floor (4th floor) of an high building. Already in the 2nd floor of our building is the temperature difference enormous. In the basement is it nice. In my room in the second floor, top floor, is it not below 36 degrees at the moment (without A/C).

I am curious how many server they burn during one month and how high the electricity bill for the air condition is ;-)

That will be not my new web hosting provider!

Bus connection from Limassol to Nicosia / Cyprus


quick message today. I’m surprised, there is really a bus connection from Limassol to Nicosia and the other way around. :-)

You’ll find more information here: http://www.nicosiabuses.com.cy/cityroutes.html
This bus service offer also connections to other places of interest. Have a look if you find your destination. But the webpage is really old… there are still Cyprus pounds shown :-)

And for an airport connection you’ll find information here: http://www.cyprus-airport-transfer.co.uk

Car insurance and driving license in Cyprus


I would like to set a quick notice about the subject car insurance and driving license in Cyprus.

As the day came closer that my little car will belong finally to me, I had also to think about how to insure it. Of course we have lots of insurance companies here. An so I was asking a few people how, where, who and how expensive.

I’ve heard from many people that I need a Cyprus driving license when I want to have a car insurance in Cyprus. They look here like the old German driving licenses… a piece of paper. I didn’t felt well when I’ve heard that… I don’t want to give away my nice plastic driving license. But that was the supposed to be procedure. To give up my German driving license and get a Cyprus one.

BUT… today I went to an insurance company and nobody said anything about it. They accepted my German one without any comment. Ok, I have to mention that I have already the EU driving license. I think that could be the reason. Well, the plastic card driving license which looks like a credit card (in the size).

So, don’t listen always what other people say (I should break this habit generally) and first wait and see. ;-)


Cytamobile-Vodafone – SoEasy – Send money to other mobiles


I almost died yesterday at the search for something in the internet. There is an option at SoEasy (the prepaid mobile provider in Cyprus from Cyprusmobile-Vodafone) to send credits from your mobile to another. That is a great thing… if I could remember how to do it… and it is very easy. It’s also more a notice for myself :) But maybe someone else will also need it one day.

Ok, works like that: Call “#105#”. Then you get asked how much credits you want to send… 2€, 3€, 5€ or 10€ … enter the amount and go to the next step. Then they ask for the mobile number of the receiver. Enter it and that’s it.
Now the credits should be transferred to the other mobile.

I hope I’ll remember that I saved that information here :D


Self-made Frapé


our favorite drink in the last days is a typical Greek drink… “Frapé”. Frapè is a great refreshing drink and gives energy to body and sould :D

How to do it? Simple… take a glass… the best is one which becomes wider on top (like a goblet). Then add one teaspoon instant coffee and 2-3 teaspoons sugar on top. Then add approx. 4cl (Ice cold) water. Then use a Frapè mixer (don’t know if a normal milk frother also work) and mix it very well. It will start to foam very well… and it has to be! I mix it until no more foam appears. But it can backfire with other types of glasses. So, mix it maximum until the glass is to 3/4 full with foam. Then drop 3 ice cubes in the glass and fill it up with milk.
Add a straw, quick stir and ready is a yummy Frapè ;)

I hope you like and enjoy it.


MMS settings for Cytamobile (Vodafone) – Cyprus


after I am not over month here, I wanted to send a MMS today and realized that my mobile isn’t configured for it. So I went first of all to the website of Cytamobile Vodafone … on the search for information how to setup my mobile. But unfortunately I couldn’t even find after one hour of searching (and translating) anything.

A simple search in Google and I found it in seconds. *grml* Here the summary.

MMS configuration (in the MMS menue)

Server: Cytamobile (or any other name)
Portnumber: 8080
Server-Address: http://mmsc.cyta.com.cy
Connection via: Internet

And then configuring the network. (“Settings”-> “Connections” -> “Connections”)
“ISP” -> “New Modem connection” (if there is not exist already one, else edit the old one)

Name for the connection: Cytemobile (or anything else)
Choose Modem: Mobilfunkverbindung (GPRS)
Access point: cytamobile
Username: user
Password: pass
Domain: leave it empty
Server (DNS):

I have to say that this description is for a MDA compact (T-Mobile) and the menu points are free translated. Probably it will be called different and in other mobiles the menu points can be also different. For “standard mobiles” are even setting SMS from Cyta, as far as I know. (Means they send you a SMS and your device will set up itself.)
If you have problems then play a bit(!!) around and try or just ask Cyta or check their webpage. If you have another solution then feel free to send it to me and I’ll publish it here. Cheers.

Sunny Greetings

Update: Now I found at Cyta even settings for Windows Mobile: Link.

Katarina Home-Made Sweets from Cyprus

Katerina Home-made sweets

Katerina is a real tip when you like home-made. Doesn’t matter if sweets, jam or other specialties in this range. Everything is fresh and hand-made. If you are lucky then you can even watch it.

I guess there wasn’t a single fruit I didn’t saw here… if strawberries, apples, figs… everything.

A specialhighlight is the wonderful cafe at Katerina. I liked especially the seats outside. The style reminded me much on Vienna. Old metal chairs and tables, ‘roofed’ with a green blanked of leaves (from wine and other plants) and a wonderful view on the hills of the Troodos mountains. Dreamlike.

You can find Katerina very easy. It’s direct on the B6 – the street to Troodos – in the small village Doros. If you come from Limassol, then is it on your left hand.

I also have to say that home-made things are not cheap. I don’t have the prices in my mind anymore, but it was not less… but for sure very yummy ;)


4750 Doros
Telefon: (00357) 25435152