Photoshooting with Nadya


once again I had the posibility to make a photo shooting. This time with a friend of a friend. :) Nadya, which is originally from Russia, is in Cyprus for a while. She is actor and is used to be in front of a camera, which was very advantageous. She was posing by herself and I could fully concentrate on my part.

We were the whole day out for the shooting and changed several times the location. We went to the old factory, the salt lake (which is try now in the summer), then further to the ship wreck and last but not least the beach with the big white rocks.

I got some feedback to the pictures already. They are very divided. Some like the pictures and the model / posing. And some say that it looks to artificially. Personally I am happy with the pictures and the model liked them as well. I think all good.
But let me know your opinion.

And here are the pictures :)

Best regards

Professional photo shooting with Océane and Pauline

Hi together.

3 weeks ago we had a quite professional photo shooting with 2 models. My friend Océane was asking me if I am up for a photo shooting. She and a friend of her are leaving the island soon as well and they wanted to have some nice pictures together, before they leave.

Of course. No problem. I was quite sure that we can make some nice pictures of them. But then the circle became a bit bigger. Another friend of her is makeup artist and we invited our hairdresser Agnis as well.
Then it came out that Julien (the make up magician) from French Touch Make-Up knows also someone. The lady (Marie) have a fashion store in the old town of Limassol. And she would lent us some clothes for the shooting.
And then we had a quite professional shooting in front of us.

As date we were choosing the Saturday 3 weeks ago. The girls came on Friday already, as they come from the capital. So we could start on Saturday straight early in the morning. First of all we went to Julien, to make the makeup. Then we went to our first location, the Curium beach. The sun was burning a lot already (I got a good sunburn that day). Julien was also very useful as light designer. :)
After that location we changed to the beach with the old ship wreck. The beach is a stone beach, but therefore also not very busy. Just a fisherman was there as well that time.
Around noon we went back to Limassol. Visiting Marie in her Allstar clothes shop. Trying the clothes which Marie was choosing already for us. And of course more pictures in and around the shop. Now also Agnies joined us. The hairdresser, which comes also from Nicosia.
After we tried all clothes and everything was fitting well, we went back to Julien. Renewing the makeup and now also hair styling. Everybody was busy, so I could relax a bit :)
Around half past 4 we left to the second part of the shooting.

Our next location was an old abandoned factory building. Very nice, but also difficult through the bad light situation. Big barrels and dirty buildings. Very cool location :) Most of the pictures here I made in the HDR mode.
And the last location was Governors beach. A very special ‘beach’ with huge white rocks. Always a favorite place for pictures :)

After we had all pictures done, we were really tired. It doesn’t sound so much… but it was just a shortcut of the whole day. It was hard work for everybody… and I think we all made a good job.

And here the pictures.

Best regards

Buffavento (Cyprus) in a time lapse and pictures


We all know it. We find something interesting in the internet (or wherever). Something which touches us personally.
A friend of mine found a time-lapse video some time ago. Someone made a time lapse video of a time range of 24 hours. So, the camera was shooting 24 hours the same scene. In general was it a bit boring… but the idea was interesting.

buffavento_14If you are not familiar with time lapse videos. That are movies where it looks like the world is turning faster. :) Like that it’s possible to squeeze 5 hours into 5 minutes.
For what it’s good? For things which happen slowly, for example. Like clouds moving on the sky. Or stars in the night. Or even the live on the street can look very interesting like that.

We decided to try it by our own. It works actually very simple. You take your camera, you put it on a tripod and you make sure that both is not moving at all. The camera should have an interval setting. Set the interval up and lean back. The camera makes now ever x-second a picture. As long as you like.
But a few things you should have anyway in mind:

  • Keep an eye on the battery, because the session can take several hours. So you should take care that the camera is not running out of power and switches off.
    Have enough spare batteries and maybe even a charger with you.
  • Btw battery. Switch off everything you don’t need at the camera, to save power. Focus and then switch to manual focusing (nothing will change at the focus point usually… so, focus at the beginning and thats it). Switch off the display, its not needed. The camera will also not need the image stabilizer, it’s on the tripod and you made sure that it will not move ;)
  • My Nikon D5200 have an interval timer which is shooting maximum 999 pictures. For a proper time lapse you’ll maybe shoot several thousand pictures. So, take care that the camera doesn’t stop shooting. Start the interval new from time to time… latest immediately after the camera took this 999 pictures.
  • Does the weather is changing? Nothing is worse then a wet camera or its gone with the wind… and maybe even destroyed.
  • Remember to have enough space to save all the pictures (several thousand). Big memory cards. Several are good, in case the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,… is full.

So we were thinking how to do it best possible, to get a good result. I didn’t wanted to do it often. As I said, the camera have to make thousands of pictures. And that is not the best for the shutter mechanism, which works at the DSLR still mechanically. Ok, you could say now ‘Ahh, that few pictures… that is not a big deal for the shutter.’. But lets say this part of the camera survives around 150.000 shots and we make during this day 15.000 pictures… then is 1/10 of its life time gone… in one day.
That much? Yes. The day have 86400 seconds. Lets say we make every 5 seconds a picture… then the camera will shot in 24 hours 17.280 pictures. So, better to think before when and where to do it. That every shot counts.

The single pictures will be later merged by a software on the computer. And then you’ll have a time frame movie. :)

buffavento_10And which place could be better as the abandoned castle Buffavento. The view from the second highest mountain in the Pentadakylos mountains. The plan was made and the preparing was next. 24 hour time lapse at the castle. That was the plan.
Which means we have to take everything with us. Food, drinks, sleeping bag, camera equipment (Nikon D5200 and GoPro Hero 2) with tripod(s), solar system to charge the batteries and so on. We had to plan it carefully, because the climbing up to the castle takes around 40 min and it’s not half bad.
If we would forget something in the car (or even at home)… it would be annoying ;)

The day came closer. We got even company from 3 Couchrsurfer. They liked the idea of the trip and had straight the chance to get a great adventure which they will not forget that quick. :)

Unfortunately there are things which nobody can affect. The weather, for example. It was foiling our plan of the 24 hours time lapse. It was middle of February and we reckoned with bad weather… but were hoping the best. But we were unlucky. We were only able to make some shorter shoots and some normal pictures. But the footage we got was also great. How the clouds move over the mountaintop is also great (till it started raining). But that was not the original plan.

So, we decided to go again, 2 weeks later. For a 2nd try. But it was the same. Rain in between. Now we wait until the summer… which is almost there.

But anyway… here the footage we could make during these days (the video is just from the first time… still have to process the second time). But it’s already very impressive to see that. (Pictures are below)

Best wishes

Awesome pictures of a night in Akrotiri


Recently… well, it’s already a weeks ago, I was with some friends in Akrotiri at the ship wreck (one of my favorite spots… especially to make pictures). For the first photo session we went in the evening and made pictures of the scene during and after the sunset. We made such great pictures during this session that we came back a few days later, during a full moon night, to make more pictures. Bulb exposure pictures in the night.
I think we made some really awesome pictures. But have a look by yourself… (no photoshop!).
(Click on the picture to see it in full resolution)

I hope you like the pictures as well :)

Best wishes

Recently at the tattooist…


a friend wrote me a while ago if I’d like to go with her to a tattooist. She wanted to get a new tattoo. Of course I gave her company. I am thinking a long time already to get another one and where hoping to get some new impressions and information.

So, we went to Agia Napa. To the studio of Blood Brothers. Not really around the corner. But she knows the tattooist longer already and wanted to have it done from him. So, while she was ‘busy’ I checked the magazines and templates for new ideas.

Really, when you are already in a tattoo studio, then is it not easy to leave there again without end up yourself under the machine. I didn’t… but only because it became late already and there was no time anymore. But I caught the fever and made an appointment for some days later. It was very spontaneous, but like that I had some more days to decide what and where.
I have already another tattoo for a long time in my head. But for that I need to find, first of all, a person who have knowledge about this kind of tattoos. It’s about a Maori tattoo. And the shapes and symbols have meanings. Just not many people know this meaning. So obviously someone from New Zealand would be the best address. :)

Ahh yeah, of course I had my camera with me… ;)

And a few days later we swapped. I got the pain and my friend took the camera in the hand :)

But I am not happy with the result, to be honest. The tattoo looks ok after all and is ok. But if you compare the template with the result, then you see that a lot of details are skipped or changed. The turtle is only with a hint on its existence recognizable. Also the Manta is hard to recognize. Lines are crooked.
Maybe I am fussy… but a tattoo will be always on my skin. I want to have it done perfect. And I mean 100% perfect. When I choose a design, then I want it to have it done exactly like the design is… not changed in any detail.
Next time I need to be more careful with choosing a tattooist (who will decorate my body for the rest of my life) and will check more intense the work he have done before.

Here both for comparing. tattoo vergleich

Best wishes

Sunset over the Limassol


I have a few days ago already a photoshooting with the little firestarter :)
This time we went far up, over the roofs of Limassol. Exactly in the right time for the sunset.

Little firestarter


I’ve been out the day before yesterday with Athanasia in Limassol. We went for a photo tour. Athanasia have many hobbies. One of it is playing with the fire. :)
This was a good opportunity to make some unusual pictures, in the streets of Limassol. ;)

Cornsnake feeding


A friend of mine have a cornsnake. Yesterday was feeding day. And as I was there anyway…
I felt a bit sorry for the little mouse.. but that is life in the nature.