Top up your Aldi Talk with a E-Plus topup card

Hey. If you are in Germany for a while and you may get a Aldi Talk prepaid phone card, you may like to have the information that you can also top up your Aldi Talk Prepaid card with E-Plus top up cards. Maybe it is sunday and Aldi is not open or maybe there is […]

Solar energy – My experience with my first (portable) solar system

I was thinking a long time already to buy a solar system for my outdoor activities. But which one? There are so many products on the market. Now I bought a, seems like great, solar system. Get here more information about the product, the maker and my experience with it.

Shades of Grey

Ana Steele is a 21 year old student of literature and not too experienced in love. But then she meet the rich and attractive entrepreneur Christian Grey. She falls head over heels in love for him. Christian is also not averse to the young woman… but he has a different idea of the relationship as Ana …

World No Tobacco Day 2012 – Tobacco industry interference

World No Tobacco Day 2012… not smoking for one day.
That smoking is not good for us… is understanded. There is not one advantage of smoking. It cost money, it cost our health and we even harm other people with it. The World Health Organisation want to point on these facts.

Today 100 years ago in the Atlantic – The Titanic sunk

Hi. MSN just pointed me on it… so today a bit history. Because exactly on the day 100 years ago sunk the luxury liner Titanic in the Atlantic ocean. The biggest vessel that time which was considered to be unsinkable. Then the iceberg came… and proofed the opposite. The Titanic was launched on the 02. […]

Living keychains from China

A post in Facebook just got my attention. First I thought it is again some shit. But there was small turtles on the picture and I had to click on at. What I had to read then is the next madness from far east. To see is a picture with keychains. These contain a small […]

5 minutes pure relaxing? Here comes a tip…

Hi, I just got something great from a friend. Who would like to relax for 5 min should try this. It works best when it is dark already outside and you are at home. The best would be if you are on your desk at home or somewhere else you can be online at home […]

Produkt Key auslesen

Read, recover, change and save product keys… genius little backup tool

Do you know that… you need to reinstall the whole computer, but where are the product keys? Or you would like to change a license key, but without reinstalling the whole software! Or you would like to have a list of all installed software on every computer in a network? Then is this software something for you. It can read the product keys of the local computer and/or network computer, showing them in a list, can change them and of course also save and/or print them.