Top up your Aldi Talk with a E-Plus topup card


If you are in Germany for a while and you may get a Aldi Talk prepaid phone card, you may like to have the information that you can also top up your Aldi Talk Prepaid card with E-Plus top up cards. Maybe it is sunday and Aldi is not open or maybe there is no Aldi around… then just rush to the next petrol station and get a E-Plus top up card. Call *104*[16 digit number]# and you get new credits on your mobile phone.

It’s because Aldi Talk is using the E-plus network (maybe they are even just a ‘piece’ of E-Plus). Who knows. It is not important. Important is that it is working ;-)

I tried it myself with the 10 Euro top up card and it was working just fine.

Solar energy – My experience with my first (portable) solar system

Hi togehter,

today it’s about the subject solar energy for outdoor, backpacking, camping and even at home.
I was thinking a long time already to get a small solar system. I think it is a big advantage if you are not reliable all the time on a socket. Especially when you are camping or backpacking and you are not even close to a socket for days. How to charge your mobile, camera, laptop, torch, etc.?
The only possibility, mobile electricity.

The wish came even more on my trip in north Cyprus, 2 years ago. When I was camping in the middle of nowhere (nature protection area). There I had the situation that I didn’t had socket anywhere. Soon my mobile, my camera and all other electrical stuff was running out of battery. Luckily I found a possibility to charge my devices from a socket. But if I wouldn’t … I would sat in the dark, without emergency call possibility and without camera.

Anyway, I was thinking now a long time already what would be the best solution. Nowadays there are many seller on the market. And even more products.  Which one is good? Which one fits for my needs? … I am not an expert, help!

So I started to have a closer look onto this systems and technique (even I have no idea about this solar stuff). There were just a few market leader around, when I had the first time a look around (2 years ago). Now is it, as I said, different. Now there are many products. And even before they was advertising the products already with the promise that they can charge mobiles, iPads and even Laptops/Netbooks.

After a bit reading in the internet I became suspicious. How can a 10Wp solar cell charge a Laptop? Is it even enough to charge a mobile=
I was reading in several forums and websites and they said always that the current solar systems are not strong enough. At least not for Laptop or Netbook. In the best case a tablet. Mobile or batteries wouldn’t be a problem with most of the solar systems.
So my confusing was even bigger.

Now we went to the big Road Trip and I’ve known that Julia, my travel buddy, had already experience with the solar company ‘Sistech Switzerland’. And we wanted to visit Switzerland anyway. So we planned a stop at Sistech. It was almost anyway on the route.

Solar cell on the carI need to say that Julia was buying before our trip already there. Our car, the Kangaroo, got the biggest solar cell of the company. The ‘Solarlite “Dieci”‘ is the biggest solar cell in the product range, with 18V and 126W. The cell on the roof is connected with a charger controller with a second battery in the car and is supposed to supply to cooling box and to charge several devices. And like that it happen.
We didn’t had the time to connect the second battery to any other supplier source (as we wanted to do it). It got charged only by the solar cell.
And I can say it in advance, the battery was never empty, but also just 2 times full.

So, we visited on our trip the company Sistech in Bubikon-Zurich.
Julia was with the stuff familiar already. She know them better than I thought already. :) She bought earlier, for her Asian trip, solar panels there already.

The people from the company were really nice. The manager – by the way also a Hugo ;) – spend a lot of time with us that day. I wanted to know it now really clear. Is there a system which fits my needs. It has to charge all my batteries (cameras, normal batteries for flashes and torches, mobiles and of course also my netbook). Plus the system should consist also a buffer memory (a big battery), if there is no sun or it is just night. And this buffer has to be big enough to charge the netbook at least one time completely fully and to get charged from the solar cell very quick (as less hours as possible).
Hard needs to a solar system.

Sistech product lineAs I said was Hugo very friendly and took a lot of time for me to answer all my amateur questions as best as possible. It was logical for me that it is not possible to say “This solar cell is charging this buffer in 2 hours full”. Solar energy relays on the sun and it’s power. Are there clouds in front of the sun, then is the gain much less and the buffer is charging slower or not at all. Also the angle to the sun is very important for the gain. The best angle is cell to sun = 90°.
But first of all he was showing me the buffer batteries. The company have a big range of this buffer batteries. From 4400mAh/16,3Wh till 24000mAh/88,8Wh. The biggest was finally my choice. It was big enough to charge my netbook and there would be even power left to charge a few other devices.
Now I’d need to find the right solar cell, to charge the buffer in a proper time.

The range of solar cells is even more big and varied. There are small, big, foldable, stiff, light and heavier solar cells. And every type has different features. Small and light means also less energy. Big, stiff and heavy means of course also more power. (It is always like that in the life.)
So I was choosing the best compromise product. The solar cell ‘Solarfold “Volta”‘ with 17V and 46W (max). There would have been a lighter alternative, the “Chepre”. But this would have had, at approx. the same size, just 18V / 18W. But therefore it would have been a lot lighter and better to carry on a backpack (530g VS 1,6kg).
But for me was the most power important. If I really want to go trekking one day, then I still can buy something lighter.

And the system works like that. I put the solar cell in the sun and connect it with the buffer battery. This will be charged by the solar cell and I can connect the devices to the buffer and it will charge it. The buffer battery model have 2 USB outputs (5V with 1A and 2,5A) and a high power output (9V, 12V, 16V, 19V and 20V, selectable). Optional you can connect it with a car socket, for car charger. Thanks to the USB and included adapters is it easy to connect most of the devices to the buffer battery.

We was also straight looking if all of my devices can be connected to the battery and if I have all adapter. Except of my new pocket camera I had everything and was now ready to charge my netbook, the DSLR camera, batteries and everything else with the solar system. Great! :)

The field test

Now I went with my new solar system on the road trip, through whole west Europe. The first time I used it in north Italy. I was hanging out the solar cell in the morning and connected the buffer battery. The sun was strong that day. It needed good 5 hours to charge the buffer full.
Of course it was first of all totally genius to see how the sun makes electricity. How it works… magic. :) That’s why this day didn’t count… it was emotional. :)

My solar cell in the sunQuickly I realized that on a road trip are not many possibilities to use a solar system. We wasn’t standing often hours around, that I could put the solar cell somewhere and watch it all the time. We was driving a lot and walking around. Also during the driving I couldn’t use the cell, because in the car is mostly no sun. Just Julia was putting her small cell in the front window and was charging with it her small buffer battery. My big one was most of the time stowed away.
However, from time to time I could use it. For example when we parked somewhere longer or we had a lazy day. Mostly I was putting the cell on the roof of the car or on the engine cover and charging the buffer battery like that. But very seldom we had the time to charge it completely. So I had to stop from time to time at Mc Donalds to charge my netbook from the socket. But for my mobile was almost always solar energy available to charge it.

And now the surprise. Back at home in Cyprus I’ve tried the system proper again. The buffer battery was at 0% charge. I was putting the cell in the morning in the sun and was waiting till the battery was full charged.
And now the time: I started it at 10am and full was the battery at 1:15pm. So the solar cell was charging the 88,8 Wh buffer battery one time completely full in 3:15 hours. That is not bad!
But I need to say fairly that it is now summer in Cyprus and the sun here is really powerful. On the other hand I wasn’t careful about the angle to the sun. I guess if I would put the cell in an ideal angel to the sun, then the cell could charge the battery in 2 hours.

I am loading now also at home my small devices (e.g. mobile, tablet pc, batteries, etc.) only with solar energy.

The conclusion

As conclusion I have to say that the solar technique is impressing me a lot – it’s magic. But you really have to check what you want to do with the solar system and what you buy. What do you need? What will you do with the system? What will you charge with the system?
And then is the best to go to an specialist dealer (like Sistech) and get a proper advise.

The market is big and it is good to have a VERY close look on what you buy. Very often are the big advertised offers just junk. I know now that it was a good decision not to buy one of these ‘supermarket mega special offer’. Quality has its price and especially here is quality important (except you have 5 days time to charge your netbook). But therefore you can get nowadays good products already.

I am still surprised how good it works and how we could charge our electrical devices, far from every socket. Just with solar energy.
I think I will also buy the lighter cell, because I don’t want to have 1,6kg hanging on my backpack, if I want to make one day a backpacking tour.

I hope I could help you a bit more and if you have questions, then just write me a comment (I read and answer all! :) ). And have also a look to Sistech and check out the products. And if you have questions, then just contact them. They are really nice! ;)

Along these lines I also would like to thank Hugo and his ladies for the lovely and great advices (and the coffee). Thank you :)

Best wishes

Shades of Grey


I bought again a few books, at the end of my vacation, to take them with me on the island. One of them I bought more or less quickly at the airport. Actually, I had a totally different in my hand until I read the title “Shades of Grey” just before the cashier. In a spontaneous decision, I put the other book down and picked up the book with this title. Written by E.L. James.

There is probably almost nobody whom the title of this book says nothing. Apparently the whole world speaks about it. Shades of Grey
So I gave in to my curiosity and bought the 600 pages tome. Maybe I can use it some when to step into a conversation. Also, I had heard it is right … well, let me call it “explicitly” ;)

And now before I say anything else I have to confess that I was reading the 600 pages in just around 5 days : o So … yes, it reads very easily and simple. I could also say it goes down like oil. But which means in the same time that you shouldn’t hope for profound substance.

But what is it about?
The young and … let’s say inexperienced … Ana Steele jumps in for a sick friend, which needs to interview  Christian Grey for the school newspaper. Christian Grey is for his young age filthy rich, successful and on top of that beautiful.
Ana falls in love – more or less – head over heels for Mr. Grey. Also he isn’t averse to get known better with Ana. But in a different way as the young woman expects. His interests are in a slightly darker area of the love.
For all those who are not familiar with the book, I do not want to give too much away. But is there really still someone who doesn’t know the book?

As I said, the story is very easy to read, although perhaps not for everybody to digest quite easily. Although I can’t say it was so blatant, like many say. : D It should be remembered that it is a novel.
Depth does not exist and sometimes, entire sections are repeated in the book. But the author had a good imagination.

I can recommend this book as an lecture for the bed, if you like some light reading before sleep. It could only happen that you get to less sleep, because you miss the point the take the book away and close your eyes ;)


Twitter closed my account :o


maybe you’ve mentioned it already, if you are a faithful reader of my blog ;) My Twitter account is not working for a while already :(
Twitter suspended my account, because I supposed to violate the rules of Twitter. … Yes, I confess that I used a Twitter Train to get some more follower. (Shame on me). The result was a few useless follower from somewhere. Nothing from which I could get any advantage.

But anyway. I deleted these apps from the list and apologized very polite (^^) at the Twitter support and asked for the reactivation of my account @ChaosGordon.
The answer from the Twitter support was:


Your account was permanently suspended for multiple or repeat violations of the Twitter Rules (, specifically:

* Using or promoting third-party sites that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising “more followers fast,” or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account);

We have reviewed the suspension; this account will not be restored.


Twitter User Services


Well, I’ll call it very polite. As I said, yes I was using such things and deleted them from the app list. But it seems like Twitter don’t spent a single thought about the reactivation of my account.
My account is still there… with all my personal data. But I can do nothing anymore… everything is blocked. What is the sense of this account then? Then they could delete the account straight away… anyway.

I am forced now to create a new account. Which I’ve done today finally. If you was following my old account, then please follow now the new one under: @BlogGordon
If you wasn’t following my old account, then feel free to follow me now anyway ;)

The links above to my twitter account are already updated and link to the new account. Sorry for the circumstances and thank you for your following! :)

All the best

World No Tobacco Day 2012 – Tobacco industry interference


Weltnichtrauchertag 2012 - Lass dich nicht einwickeln!for everybody who don’t know it yet, today is World No Tobacco Day. The most will probably not care and the smoker don’t give a sh** anyway. But I wanted at least to point on it. :)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) invented the World No Tobacco Day exactly 25 years ago. Since that day it is celebrated ever 31th of Mai.

Like for many other things as well does the World No Tobacco Day a slogan. This year it is Tobacco industry interference.

I don’t need to mention that smoking is not good for you and your surrounding. Additionally it cost money, it makes you stink and has no sense at all.
And now I shut up and smoke one… ^^

Best regards

Image source:

Today 100 years ago in the Atlantic – The Titanic sunk


MSN just pointed me on it… so today a bit history. Because exactly on the day 100 years ago sunk the luxury liner Titanic in the Atlantic ocean. The biggest vessel that time which was considered to be unsinkable. Then the iceberg came… and proofed the opposite. The Titanic was launched on the 02. April 1912 and collides on the 12. April 1912 with the mountain of frozen water and sunk 2 hours and 40 minutes later.

Pride come before a fall. Even it wouldn’t have saved the people if they wouldn’t have claimed the Titanic as unsinkable. But maybe the stuff would have been more careful out there. Maybe the guys in the crow’s nest thought “Our baby is unsinkable, what can happen to us?”. Who knows, just speculation.
For sure is that the vessel had not enough lifeboats with it, to rescue all passengers and the crew members. That is definately connected to the “unsinkable” “fact”.

1502 people died in the night from the 12. to the 13. of April 1912 in the north Atlantic, in freezing temperatures in and out of the water. Only 1/3 of all souls of the Titanic have been saved from the (not even full up lifeboats) and then from the RMS Carpathia.

The researcher Jean-Louis Michel and Rober Ballard discovered the ocean liner again on the 1st of September 1985 in a depth of 3803 meter below the surface.
Many dives have been made since the found. To bring back some small pieces (chandelier, plates, pieces, etc.) and on the other side to answer open questions. Around 5500 objects could be recovered from the Titanic. Some can be seen now in museums and others in touring exhibitions. Also some questions could be resolved (more on Wikipedia… else it will be to much here :) )

There are even offers for dives for private people now. “Private people” in quotes, because the price is 50.000 Euro. Who can finance this privately… I also want!! :)

What is next with the good old Titanic? Well, it will not last long anymore. The lady down there will be slowly but steady decomposed. The scientist gave the wreck 1980 50 more years… not it’s just 5 – 10 years, before the steal is so much decomposed that the vessel will collapse until it’s own weight.
There was even found a new bacteria, which decompose the steal. It’s named by the place where it was found: Halomonas titanicae

So, it looks like I’ll never have the chance to see it with my own eyes. Until I have 50.000 Euro left… it will take at least another 100 years. Pity, I imagine it absolutely … indescribable. To dive down to 3803 meter and to visit this famous ocean liner, which saw the last daylight 100 years ago. The would be definitely one of this indescribable and once in your life moments.
I mean I know how it feels to dive to a huge vessel. The Zenobia in Larnaca is also big (Zenobia 172m, Titanic 269m). But the Titanic is much more famous and is lying in pitch darkness. You can’t just jump in the water and scuba dive there…

Today, 100 years ago…

BTW: Do you know that there is a woman which was on all 3 sister vessels, when they had their accidents and she survived all 3… Violet Jessop… maybe one of the most lucky woman that time.

Living keychains from China

A post in Facebook just got my attention. First I thought it is again some shit. But there was small turtles on the picture and I had to click on at. What I had to read then is the next madness from far east.

Tierquälerei lebende Schlüsselanhänger

To see is a picture with keychains. These contain a small transparent plastic bag in which is a liquid in which is a small animal. Fish, turtles or an amphibian. The bizarre thing is… the animals are still alive!

This is so unbelievable that I almost can’t find words for it. They mention in the report that the liquid contains nutrients. These let the animals survive for 2 month… before they finally die of starvation. I think with they reached a new extreme form of animal cruelty. To cage an animal in a small plastic bag and to keep it alive for a while. And when the time is over they starve and is dying in pain… but finally.

I know already several stories about far east. But if they grill or fry grasshoppers (or whatever) to eat them then… ok, shall they do. Eat what you kill. Und who likes grasshopper (or whatever)… my god. Shall they do. (I would also try when I am there.)
But to kill animals to throw them away is disgusting. And when people agonize animals to dead… then is it without words abnormal.

And the one who is buying then these poor animals (for around 1 Euro) should be also caged in a bag and welded in. Because where is no demand (market) there is no supply or it disappear again. But I bet there are a lot of people who think it is totally fancy to have a little moving turtle or a swimming fish on the key.

There is already a petition against these animal cruelty. If you like you can sign the petition on the following page and you can help to bring it to an end:

Here are 2 videos on Youtube about these pervert keychains.

And when we are already in the subject. While browsing trough Youtube I found straight some other pervert thing. I it really sick what people are able to do.
Someone found in a fish shop (somewhere) a turtle. The shell was cut open on the back, so that the “customer” could see the innards. And the animal was still alive!!!
The animal suffered for at least one hour, if not longer! That’s real cruelty!

5 minutes pure relaxing? Here comes a tip…


I just got something great from a friend. Who would like to relax for 5 min should try this. It works best when it is dark already outside and you are at home.

The best would be if you are on your desk at home or somewhere else you can be online at home (sofa, bed or wherever). Optionally light a few candles and include your partner. The very best would be if you have internet in your TV.

Ok, but now…

Open first this link:

In the same time then also this:

And this one as well. And watch it full screen:

And now… 5 minutes off and just relax and enjoy ;) Happy relaxing… :)

Produkt Key auslesen

Read, recover, change and save product keys… genius little backup tool

Today I had again such case. I wanted to reinstall my small laptop.I collected again a lot of rubbish on it and couldn’t wait longer to do it. The system became soo slow :-(

Anyway. The problems with reinstalling are always:

  1. It takes ages. Do I have enough time?
  2. Which software is installed which I need to reinstall again?
  3. Do I have the software still as installation file or -CD? If yes, where? Driver?
  4. Where are the product keys for the software?

The first question I can mostly answer with “no” and just move it… until nothing goes anymore. Question 3… the big searching starts. I have a special folder for this files on my external hard disk, to where I copy these files. And for the questions 2 and 4 I found a nice tool which is helping out.

The tool (little software) works very easy. You just need to start the search and the software creates a list with all installed programs. The good thing is – inclusive all product keys of software which it can recognize (at the moment over 3000 programs). Now you have everything at a glance… for example the Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (etc.) product key or the Microsoft Office product key and so on.

Produkt Key auslesen

Screenshot of the software

The tool lists all in a table and the table can be printed or saved in a file. Last is probably the more useful option ;-)

Or you save the list on an USB stick, then it will be not deleted when you format the harddisk.

But the software can even more then ‘just’ showing, recovering and saving/printing the product keys. It can also change a product key. Sometimes it is necessary to change a license key afterwards. I just don’t have an example, but I had already such situation.

It is also possible to scan registry databases (where windows is usually saving the serial number) which are not active. It means for example if you have several windows systems on one computer or when you have a backup on an USB stick or if the windows system / harddisk is damaged (but still readable). Also in this cases can the software recover the product keys.

And last but not least I’d like to mention the network functionality. It is for me not interesting, because I don’t have a network. But it someone has his own (or even a company) network, then this function could be also very interesting. Because the tool can scan whole networks. It can list as well every software product with license keys of all computer in the network. Of course it can save or print the whole list.

That makes it very easy to get an overview about installed software on every network computer and helps to prevent pirated material or other unwanted software in the network.

Also important is that this software is available in different languages.

So, where can you get this software? :-) Find all these information here: Recover Keys

My conclusion:
This software is perfect to backup your product keys. From the local computer as well as from the network. It can change the product key of (e.g.) Windows operations systems or games, etc. without the need to reinstall the whole software.
It is a great tool to backup your license keys and to recover product keys from damaged systems.
The price-performance ration is good. The software cost just a few bugs. (Sure, there are also some free programs, but Recover Keys is the market leader and is recognizing over 3000 programs. The ones for free just a few (up to 300).)

We always have in mind to make backups from our important files. But not many people think about a backup of the product keys. But without the product key is the installation file useless. The product key is the thing which cost the money we pay for software, not the software itself!

Change your words. Change your world.

Here once again a find of the internet. Just saw it in Facebook. Again something to think about…

Ok, I admit that the video through the music sounds very dramatically. But that is the purpose of an advertising video (not for nothing are there 9,5 mio views) and on the other side it delivers the message of the movie very well.

Change your words. Change your world.

I like it, even its actually an ad.