Shocking movies – If people learn from it?

I just got a link from Youtube. Again one with the comment “Without comment”… but this time really without any comment… just watch it, think about it and maybe learn something out of it. Even I have to say that in Germany – except of some idiots – the people drive really good. At least […]

You lost your serial number? What now? Cracking? No, recover it legaly!

Hello, do you know that… you forgot or lost the license key (also known as serial number or activation key). The can become expensive. Because without the serial number is it not possible to use the most, bought, software or they just work in the trial mode. But what can you do? Ok, you could […]

2 interesting geo webpages

I found recently, while browsing the internet, 2 nice webpages. The one is A lot of people came together and created street maps in the whole world. The webpage have many interesting aspects. The maps are, as far as I can see, very exact. Even in the last corner of the earth they have […]

Kseniya Simonova – Drawing with sand

Friend of mine was just showing me this… simply stunning what this woman can do… that’s why this video can’t be missing in my blog :-) She didn’t won the ‘Super talent’ this year in the Ukraine for nothing. ;-)

My first entry

Hello… how is the correct form of address in an blog? You, Mr, Ms, It… I don’t know. Maybe I will figure it out one day. Why do I do that here? Why a blog? Do I have to tell something? Do I have to say something? Or do I need just something like a […]