Weekend in a 5 star hotel in Paphos :)


finally again a great and exciting weekend. :)

A friend got from her company a voucher for a 5 star hotel in Paphos. And she asked me if I would join her, as the voucher is for 2 persons. … What a question, of course I would like. I’ve never been in a 5 star hotel in Cyprus :)

And so we started Saturday noon to Paphos. She had before night shift and couldn’t sleep much. I also didn’t got much sleep, thanks to my cold. So the general condition was… sleepy. But that couldn’t destroy our excitement. :) I mean when do we have this opportunity?

And so we arrived a bit tired and sleepy – but very excited – at the Annabelle Hotel. And already entering the parking space was an adventure. You can’t just drive on the parking space of this 5 star hotel. There is a barrier and you need to ring the bell. Then you need to tell the guy on the other side of the intercom that you have a reservation and then they let you in (maybe it was just because of my old Hyundai Atoz… who knows).

It came straight a nice guy who took our luggage and we proceeded with the check-in. After the usual paperwork the man was showing us our room. In the 2. floor, as requested. An amazing room. Small corridor, one room, a bathroom and a little balcony. Enough for one night.

The bed was huge and amazing comfortable. The balcony had a great view on the hotel garden and direct behind the sea.

Absolutely stunning.

We refreshed first of all and went then – armed with our camera – in the hotel garden and to the harbor of Paphos and took again countless pictures :)

(Some of them you can find below)

Thereto is also a small story. At the harbor,at the end near the castle of Paphos, was an old man sitting and playing his accordion. Here are people begging. Not often, but from time to time.

So he was sitting there with his instrument on a camp-chair., in a (closed) entrance area of a hall made of natural stone. Maybe he choose this place because it protected him a bit of the wind. It was chilly and windy this day. He was playing and gazed into space, like he would think about something or just dream.

We didn’t gave him money. Because who gives us something? And if you give one then you need to give everybody… or whatever excuses or mind constructions came up.

Now, afterwards, I really regret my closed mind thinking. He had a very special aura. Maybe also because of the combination of him and the location where he was sitting. I should have give him some Euros and should have taken some more pictures. But like that I made just one shy pictures from further away. I didn’t gave anything so I don’t have the right to make pictures of him…

But this man has something special on pictures. I realized it later at home, when I was viewing the pictures.

Somehow there are so many emotions in this picture. On one side sadness that he is in this situation. On the other side it doesn’t look like he is sad himself. He looks dreamful and a bit happy about something.

He fits so perfectly in this old masonry with his old accordion, the old clothes and his face. I like to imagine that he is or was sailor. He looks like that somehow.

Now I am really thinking to go back to Paphos to get this lost chance maybe back. To give him the money he deserves for his musical playing… and to be my model for some time. And to make some more perfect and awesome pictures of him. But if he will be with the same clothes in the same place with the same melancholic mood…

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Pizza Hut (5 star hotels are really expensive). and then back to the hotel and just relaxed.

I tell you, the night in that bed was a dream. Probably I never slept so great in my life before :-) I also want such bed :)

Sunday we got up very early and was one of the first ones at the breakfast. The buffet was big and very tasty.

After this unusual early breakfast we went again on picture tour. Again a round through Paphos and some when back to the hotel. Another hour being lazy on the bed and watching TV and then was our great hotel stay over already :( As always much to quick. But unfortunately it is always like that. The nice things passing always to quick.

On the way back we made a stop at the Aphrodite temple and got a bit culture and – of course – made pictures again :)

And then we went back home and our short holiday was over. But it was a great short holiday and a very unusual one. I mean when do I get the chance to stay in a 5 star hotel. :)

By the way. I can recommend the Annabelle hotel in Paphos. The room was clean and very nice. We had a good sea view. The staff was friendly and helpful. And the bed… a dream! :) The location is very central. Just 5 minutes walking to the bar street and the harbor. … But 5 stars are not cheap.

That was my weekend… very awesome and much to short :)

Warm regards


Dear cold, I declare the war on you!


I have now a few days already a stupid cold. First it was just my nose, then also coughing and now it hurts also everywhere.

I think it becomes to much now. So I decided today to declare the war. :)

Actually I have a very good immune system. It is not very often that I become sick. Maybe once all 2 years (or like that) I get get a cold. And this year is the year again. And it never comes to the right time. So also this time because the next weekend shall be a special weekend. And this cold/flue doesn’t fit at all in it.

As I said is my immune system usually very good. I also don’t take any tablets, if I don’t have to. All this chemicals can’t be good, if there is no really serious infection or something like that. But for a cold… not, not really.

It didn’t become better in the last 2 days… it even became worse. So today I declared the war on the bacterias! :)

My weapons…

Onion juice

A home remedy which I still remember from my childhood and which was always helping. It is great against coughing (mucolytic)  and in general good against cold.

It is 100% natural and very simple to produce. Just peel some onions (2-3) and cut them (not to small pieces). Put them in a bowl and add good sugar on top. Then cover the bowl and leave it for a while. For the first time is it the best over night. On the next morning should be enough juice in the bowl for a first “harvest”. And then every few hours again, when there is enough juice in the bowl for a few spoons.

And against the opinion of all people which never tried it, it tastes really nice. Like sweet sirup. And also children like it.

Fruit salat

Also a popular home remedy. :) Rich of vitamins and also very tasty. And of course 100% natural again. Just needs a bit more work.

First of all visit your favorite supermarket. Then grab from everything you like (fruits!!…) the best quantity… like for example 1 apple, 1 pear, 2 bananas, 3 plums, some strawberries, etc.

Then peel everything, cut them in cubes and put everything in a bowl. At the end stir everything well and… that’s it. You can modify it as you wish of course.

And then take the bowl with you to the TV in the evening or to a hot bath :) As you like.

Additionally is it helpful to support your immune system mentally. Also is it helpful to have enough rest and relaxing. (Which I will take in a few minutes :) )

And for the worst-case scenario I got also Nurofen cold & flue from the pharmacy. I’ll take one tonight… just in case. And from my friend I got Vick Medinight. Which I will use as well tonight. … So I should be well like never before tomorrow :D I hope… will see :)

All the best (and lot of health)


Happy New Year!


Actually I wanted to write today a longer article again. With an end-of-the-year review and all this. :) But the time was running away again. And so I don’t have time anymore to write a big review…

I just have a look into my picture folders… to see what happen this year. I can’t remember much of this year… the year passed so quick again.

In January we went to Troodos. Anna, Ira, Chester and me. It was a lot of snow there and we went bob running. I was the first time since ages on a sledge :D Was really fun.

No idea what happen in February. No pictures.

The highlight in March was definitely our dive in the dam. Diving at the flooded old church of Alassa. The water was really cold (around 12 degrees). But it was really fun and the most amazing dive I’ve ever done so far. The weeks of preparing was worth it.

Also we went a lot outside in March, to make pictures and I had my first dehydration (not funny!).

I celebrated my birthday still in Cyprus. Ira made me as present a dive at the Zenobia. On the 20th I was finally flying to Germany.

Also in the summer we went out from time to time to make pictures, diving and so on. One highlight was a weekend (acutally just a day) diving in the Karpaz area with Ira and Alice. Here we went diving at the end of the island. Maybe we was even the first people who went diving there. And we even saw (in)definable old things :)

Then I got the idea with the world record and did my – till now – longest dive of 8:30 hours. I hope the record attempt will happen next year.

In July I had a photo shooting (as photographer) again with Aneta. I could photograph her… or better her back with the new tattoo.

In September I was for almost 3 weeks in Germany. To the 50th birthday of my dad. And at the end of my visit I met with Ira and Chester in Frankfurt, where I also visited Sascha and Mira again.

And the rest of the year was filled out with work. Almost no other activities. (Which I need to change urgent again.)

So… I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for the next 365 days ;)

Lovely regards


That was Christmas 2012


today is just the 26th – so the 2nd Christmas day – but here will nothing happen anymore. The Christmas is over for me now. Actually it was “just” our Christmas picnic yesterday on the beach. But that was even better.

Many people will envy us for it… Christmas picnic on the beach. But all which do that should imagine how it would be to celebrate Christmas at 20 degrees (and more) and without family. Sounds maybe good, but it has all advantage and disadvantages. Of course I loved it to spend the day with my friends here. But on the other side I missed my family and my friends in Germany. As well as the cold and the snow (even they also don’t have it in Germany).
However, it was anyway great. :)

We was planing this picnic on the beach and it was the best idea. Everybody should bring something and we was choosing one to make a present to.

So the Christmas preparing wasn’t too big. I found the present for Chester more or less quick. When I was running around for an oil radiator I saw by change this mini fridge. I’ve known immediately that this will be the right present for him. The idea was actually that he can put it on his desk or next to it… that he will have always a cold, refreshing drink at work in the summer. But as I realized later, it has just an adapter for the car, not for a normal socket. :( But he liked it anyway and they have a big car which has also a socket in the boot. So it will fit there as well very good :)

Then I was thinking about what to cook. My kitchen is very limited. So I decided to make ‘backed apple in puff paste’. Not really Christmas like… but I love it and it’s easy to make… and I know it will be eatable :) Plus Glühwein… of course :)

Unfortunately I overslept. My new mobile was off… battery empty (the batteries are shit). In the evening it was still half full.
So I had 1 1/2 hours left till the meeting. … I know it would be tight with the time. But what could I do… So a quick morning coffee and then straight in the kitchen. Preparing the batter, peeling and cutting the apples, heating the pan (I have just an paella pan… nothing else :D ) and then started to bake the apples in puff paste.
As I realized that I am running out of time, I started as well to prepare the Glühwein.. in the same time. I think I never had such stress in the kitchen :-)

With half an hour delay we arrived at Annas home. Actually we wanted to go to Ladies Mile for our picnic. It’s nice quite there and not so sandy (sand in the food doesn’t taste so good). But when we arrived there we realized it was stinking like hell. I don’t know what they did there… but it wasn’t nice to have a picnic there.
So, we turned around and went back to the beach in the middle of the city (which brought us at the end a lot of attention). :)

At least the beach was nice empty. The sky was a bit cloudy, but the sun was anyway long time out and not even a single rain drop (the most important). We had around 20 degrees in the shadow.
And so we started to spread ourself out and prepare for our Christmas picnic. Anna was cooking yummy polish food (don’t ask me for the names… one was ‘Borscht’). Ira made meatballs. We even had a small Christmas tree and Christmas music… and a lot of fun :-)
After we arranged everything we went immediately to hand out our presents. :) Ira got from Anna self-made wool socks (which she was wearing straight away :) ). Anna from Ira a self-painted muse. Chester got from me the mini fridge and I got from him an candle holder with 2 big candles. :)
And then we opened to picnic :) And the food was delicious. Really, if you should visit Poland one day or you have polish friends… you should try the polish kitchen. It is sooo yummy… I could die for it. (Or maybe Anna is just a brilliant cook.)

The rest of the time we enjoyed the moment and was talking.
Of course we was also the attraction on the beach. People which was passing by on the pavement stopped and started to make pictures (maybe even videos).
A small girl was really cute. She was walking with her mother on the beach and when she saw me (I was in a Santa dress) she started stunning. I believe in this moment she started to believe in Santa Clause again :-)

After a beautiful sunset we started packing again. After sunset it becomes quick chilly.

And so we 4 had a wonderful Christmas afternoon on the beach :)

But no good things without bad things… Today my fridge broke down :-( Now I need to buy a new fridge. What a shit :(

I hope you had also a wonderful Christmas time.

Best regards

Here some pictures from our X-Mas picnic

Merry Christmas

Dear my lovelies.

Doesn’t matter if you are one of my family member, my friend, known one, colleague, customer or just someone who is reading my blog… if you are close or far away… I wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Christmas.

I hope you was always good this year, so that Santa Clause will bring you lots of nice presents ;) (I will get nothing, I wasn’t good :D ) But I think more then the consumption is still (or again) the spirit of Christmas in the foreground: The meeting of the people which are important for us.
Even it is just in our spirit.

Like in my case, because I don’t fly home this Christmas. I will be the Christmas time here in Cyprus with my friends here. The flights are unbelievable expensive at the moment and I want to save some money to travel to other countries… not just always Germany and Cyprus.
But I think on all on you at home!

Lovely regards

Today is the end of the world. A few last words.

Hello together,

as we all know is today, on the 21th of December 2012, the end of the world. At least if we trust the calendar of the Maya. I want to use his unique – and probably last – possibility to say quick some last words. (Even maybe anyway nobody will ready them anymore.)  :)

So… what to say as last words?

Of course I want to tell all my beloved how much I love them. Especially my family, my friends in Germany and here in Cyprus.

It was nice to met you all!

… a fuck, I have no idea what to say… all the bad things I better don’t say… just in case the Maya was wrong :-D

Here, in front of my door, just started a really big thunderstorm. I guess the doomsday just starts… in Cyprus :) I think I’ll better go to bed, watch a movie, drink a hot wine… and will see if I’ll wake up tomorrow again :)

So… maybe till the next article. And if the Maya was right… then cu in the next life.

Best regards


Gordon’s new mobile – Huawei U8800


I have finally a new mobile :) (I know, not big exciting news… but better then nothing ;) )

I needed urgent a new one, after my good old T-Mobile MDA2 died – after 5 years – during my German visiting in October. Ok, I shouldn’t have let it fall on the tiles… but it happened. What can I do.

Actually it wasn’t really completely broken… only the internal memory broke somehow. Always when I tried to open my contacts or sms… it froze and I just could restart it. All the other functions (which didn’t try to get access to the memory) was still working. But what do I want with a mobile without phone book or sms?
And actually all my contacts are still in the phone… and I don’t have access to them anymore :( All gone. Of course I don’t have any backup. Just some are on the SIM card… but really old ones. :(

A friend of mine gave me hers for the first time. An old Nokia 7230 slider. It worked out for the moment (actually it is not a bad device)… but I am in use to all the gimmickry – like touch screen, alarm clock with MP3, Videos, etc. – and didn’t wanted to go backwards. More forwards. :)
As I said, my old mobile was on the state of art of over 5 years ago. A lot happened since that time.

So I was searching in the internet for something useful and in my budget range… which was very tight. The choice wasn’t very big.
All the big brands – like Samsung Galaxy or iPhone – was definitely out of the range. From time to time I found some cheap ones… but the feedback was always not very good.
And then are some cheap imitates from China around here… which are even more worse.

And then I found an advertising in a local classifieds market of a young woman who is selling smartphones for charity. She get the phones from some dealer for free and is collecting the money for some organization which takes care about children of UK military families… didn’t really understood it.But it is for something good.
The offered mobile was an Huawei U8800. – I couldn’t find much about this mobile either. Also just a cheap model which is not very frequented on the market. But new for 70 Euro… I had to give it a try.
So, I bought one.

That was the day before yesterday. Here now the first small report :)
I was very positive surprised about the device. It includes a lot of functions… also WIFI and GPS. GPS is very seldom in cheap mobiles… and I am happy it have it … so I don’t need to use an external GPS receiver to use a navigation software.

Also very important – which is almost in every cheap model shit – is the touchscreen. It works very easy (I almost don’t need to touch the screen) and it is very accurately. Which is very important when you type an SMS (or even E-Mail). If you need 3 tries to get one character… then it takes ages to type a whole SMS and it freaks you out.

The U8800 is working with an Android operating system of course. But it is trimmed on Google. That means all is full with Google apps, which you can’t uninstall. But ok, you can ignore them, if needed.
The WFIF 802.11 b/g/n is a bit slow, but browsing and downloading apps is ok, just a bit slowly.
Apps can be simply installed by the Google Market. I think there are no big differences between the mobiles. Android is Android, I think.

The only think yet which I don’t like it the battery. At the moment I can use the mobile with one full charge around 24 hours. (Also need to say that I just charge it the 2. time full.) And I also need to say that I use it at the moment a lot… of course a new toy for the man :D And even more since I’ve installed Angry Birds :D
But I really hope that the battery life will rise still a bit more.

But in general I am really satisfied (till now) with this mobile. And for 70 Euro I can’t say anything!


Visiting Germany in October 2012

Hello together.

Today a longer article :)

I was in the last 2 1/2 weeks on vacations at home. This time unscheduled (not for my birthday or for xmas) because my father hat big birthday. I had to come of course :)

I also used that unscheduled visit for a customer meeting… and – by chance – my Ukrainian friends was in the same time in Germany… so we made an international meeting in Frankfurt. :)

But one by one. I hope I’ll remember everything… my memory… :)

Thursday, 27.09.2012

The first day of my trip. Actually not much to say about it, because I arrived just a few minutes before midnight. Dad picked me up in Berlin, like always. Just with one hour delay because he was waiting for me at the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg… which is not open yet :) But the signs for it are already on the Highway. So.. little mistake.

At least we found each other at the end and at 3 we was at home.

Friday, 28.09.2012

Friday I was sleeping – first of all – until I woke up by myself. Then my mam had to bring me – in secret – the birthday present for my dad. I made a photo book for the birthday child (I liked the idea because we don’t exchange much pictures and my parents don’t see me much anymore) and it was sent to my mam.

In the afternoon we was going to Pirna. That is in Saxon Switzerland, a part of Germany. Father have there a holiday house in Pirna the the cleaning lady was not working this weekend. So he had to clean by himself.

It is a really nice area. It is a valley and in the middle of it is the Elbe river. It is great for cyclists, walker and kayaks. … But not really for diver. The river is too dirty and frequented by boats :( :)

Saturday, 29.09.2012

There is not much to say about the saturday. The highlight of the day was the dinner in the afternoon in an special restaurant. The restaurant is in the fortress Königsstein (which is much bigger then the castles in Cyprus… but we was to late to visit the whole fortress). And in the evening was a special dinner in the themed restaurant “In den Kasematten”.

It was very interesting and funny… even the price was a bit high. But it was – more or less – medieval. ;)

Sunday, 30.09.2012

Sunday we went back to Körbelitz. And finally – after we arrived there – father could get his presents (which we forgot at home). And it seems like the photo book was a goog choice :)

Monday, 01.10.2012

Monday was again sleeping late – first of all. Steffi and Lotta picked me up later and we went to the hairdresser… I really needed one. And they made me a human again :)

Later we went to the forest. I suggested to go mushrooming. I haven’t been for ages and Steffi and Lotto never went at all in her live. So, we was going to the next best forest.

But except a lot of spider webs and some mushrooms which I don’t know or know that they are poisoning, was nothing to find :( Not even one eatable mushroom :(

Anyway, the both ladies collected some stuff for crafting and we had a good walk anyway. :)

Was good to go a bit out.

Tuesday, 02.10.2012

Today we went finally to the Solebad, which was a wish of Lotta, when I am in Germany. She told me that already weeks ago via Skype :) So, today finally was the day :) We went all together to the Solebad in Bad Salzelmen / Schönebeck.

It was very nice and relaxing :) To hand out in the warm water… with whirlpool :) There are no big fun things like a water slide or something like that. But little Lotta had fun anyway… we other 3 as well :)

In the evening we made a BBQ and Marcus and Anke joined us.

Wednesday, 03.10.2012

Alex picked me up on Wednesday morning and we went to Magdeburg. We didn’t saw us for ages and she “booked” me the whole day :) So, we decided to running around in Magdeburg and see what’s going on :)

By chance it was just a funfair in the park. So we went there… but it was closed. Open from 3 pm… it was not even 1 :(

We decided to run around in the park till 3. What we did… and it was good. We was talking a bit, was taking pictures, drinking coffee and went up the viewing tower.

We was back at the funfair place at exactly 3pm. And the party was on already. Lots of people on the place. And we jumped as well in the crowd. :) But did not more then eating a sausage and went back to the car.

In the evening we’ve decided to make a small photo shooting at a villa which is close to Alex home. But it was to dark already to make good pictures.

So we went back home and enjoyed the rest of the day with a wine and a good conversation.

Thursday, 04.10.2012

Alex went to work in the morning already. Her mam (which is living next to her) drove me around 10 am. to the train station. Here I’ve met with Marcus. Today was shopping day :) I needed urgent a new trousers and a pair of new shoes.

We had 7 hours time… lots of time to have a look in every single shop :) But even with all this time I couldn’t really find anything. The trousers fashion this year seems to be very boring. All I could find was boring 08/15 standard jeans. Nothing nice or “extraordinary”. I saw one trousers I really liked in a shop… but 100 Euro was to much for it.

At least I could find some new shoes. Good walking boots. My old one falling apart already. But they done their job already. So, time for some new :)

After our shopping tour we went to pick up Anke from work and then back to the train station, to go back to Gommern. As far as good. But the stop in Biederitz didn’t wanted to end. The train wasn’t moving anymore… for 1 1/2 hours. :o

The conductress said that a tree was falling on the overhead wire and it should be fixed soon… but it wasn’t.

We had actually the plan to go quick home to Marcus to get refreshed and that Anke can change clothes and then back to Magdeburg to go in the evening the cocktail bar. Alex also wanted to come there and I needed to go with her again, because my backpack was still in her flat… and I needed it.

And now we stuck in the middle of nowhere. The train company (Deutsche Bahn) also said nothing about other solutions (rail replacement service). Some when they said the train is going back to Magdeburg.

So, Marcus and Anke called a friend to pick them up, cause they needed to go home. I went with the train back to Magdeburg.

It was still to early to go to the bar. They open at 7pm. I used the meantime to go bit more shopping and got stuck in the book store. Of course I found some new books :)

I was one of the first customer in the cocktailbar. But Marcus had booked a table anyway. So I’ve ordered already the first cocktail, while I was waiting for Alex and the others.

She came short after me. Marcus and Anke canceled. It was all to much stress that Day for them and who knows if the train was going already again.

We also stayed long there alone.

Friday, 05.10.2012

The Friday started really early. Getting up around 6 am. A quick coffee to get they eyes open… somehow.

Alex brought me to the train station and then with the train to Burg, where my Mam picked me up at 8. Today was Mams day :)

Actually we did not much. In the afternoon we visited my Grandparents in Magdeburg. For a coffee and homemade cake… mmmm I love the homemade cake from my Grandparents! Just Max had ants in the pants. He was afraid to come to late to his meeting of the volunteer fire brigade :)

Saturday, 06.10.2012

Again getting up early. Mam brought me to Königsborn where Steffi picked me up (it’s shit to be without car).

We was almost the whole day lazy and did not much. Just in the evening was BBQ time at Marcus place.

Sunday, 07.10.2012

Sunday was good weather and we decided to go with Lotta to the Bierer-Hill. It is after Schönebeck. A kind of zoo and in the middle a big playground.

The entrance is free, but you can spend some money if you like. There are some boxes on the way where you can put some coins in. I like this way… but know that a lot of people don’t even give some coins… why should they? (Yes, I was putting some coins in the box… cause to take care about the park and the animals cost money.)

I also (or especially) like the selection of the animals. Nothing exotic… almost only indigenous animals like beaver, ducks, donkeys, goats, foxes, squirrel and so on.

But for Lotta was the most important part the playground. :)

After our trip we went to Marcus again for a coffee and a chat. I stayed there then.

Monday, 08.10.2012

At Marcus… I can’t remember what we did… probably nothing. That’s why I can’t remember :)

Tuesday, 09.10.2012

… same :)

My Dad picked me up in the afternoon and I stayed over night in his home. Last night there.

Wednesday, 10.10.2012

Today I started to the next destination: Düsseldorf. But first long sleeping :) My Dad drove me then to the train station in Magdeburg, where my college picked me up at 12.

We had a long way to Düsseldorf. 5 hours car drive … much time to talk.

Some when at 7pm. we arrived in Ratingen. My hotel was nice. Bit familiar. In the ground floor was a restaurant and cafe and above the rooms. I got a small one under the roof. It included all I needed… bed, desk and a small bathroom with shower. And it was clean. For 40 Euro was it on.

Just at the end of the village. No train, no bus. :(

But this evening I didn’t cared about it. I was tired and just wanted to sleep… which I did like a baby.

Thursday, 11.10.2012

After a long time a “normal” working day again. Getting up early, breakfast and then going to the “office”… to work there the whole day on a desk. Absolutely not my day schedule… but interesting.

After work back in the hotel. I wanted to meet with Gudi, but she canceled. She didn’t felt well :(

Friday, 12.10.2012

Friday again getting up early to go to work. A long meeting with the boss of the company, to make planes for the future work. At 6pm. we left the office and going straight to the main train station in Düsseldorf. My ticket was booked already. So I could visit the big train station a bit, before I went to my gate.

After 2-3 cigarettes I went to my ICE. It should bring me from Düsseldorf direkt to Frankfurt Airport… and did it :) In just 1 1/2 hours I was there, to change into another train which brought me to Frankfurt main station. Sascha picked me up here.

And then we was driving home to his new house. Last time I visited them in Frankfurt, then was still living in the flat in the city. Now they have a nice house. But not in the city anymore. In a small village near Frankfurt. But the public transportation is really good here :)

After a nice dinner and a chat we went to bed.

Saturday, 13.10.2012

Saturday was my personal highlight day. To meet my Ukrainian friends on German ground. :D Ok, Ira wanted to go to the book fair and I was planing to explore with Chester the city.

Sascha and Mira had to go to Frankfurt as well in the morning, lucky me… like that I didn’t had to go with bus and train. Just from the south train station to the main station I had to go with the subway. But it was a thing of 5 minutes. Amazing… why we don’t have that in Cyprus?

Was nice to be back in Frankfurt. Even I’ve been only one time there… it was a nice feeling to be back… almost familiar.

Then the search for the hotel started, in which the both live. I’ve known approximately the direction. In the moment I wanted to check my SMS for the address of the hotel I’ve heard a familiar female voice “Hey guy… I know you!”. I looked up and saw in the familiar face of Ira. Such a big city and I am crossing the way of my buddy :) But she was already in hurry. German hurry is infectious :)

But she had at least the second to show me the way to the hotel… and then she was gone.

It’s is a strange feeling to meet her in Frankfurt…. but cool somehow :)

The hotel was just a few meter down the road. Chester still looked a bit sleepy :) So our first destination was Starbucks. Where to start better in a day in a big city then Starbucks? :)

But on the way there we’ve spotted the Main tower. It’s the biggest tower in Frankfurt (I think). And on top – in 200 meter height – is a viewing platform. … We couldn’t just pass by. So, we went up in 200 meter (with a lift which goes up with 18km/h!).

The view from up there is stunning. We had luck with the visibility. A must do for all visitors of the city.

Of course I made lots of pictures up there :)

After we went finally for our coffee and the planing of the rest of the day… and a chat :) We didn’t saw us for 2-3 weeks. And it was very interesting for me to be with him in a Starbucks in Germany and drink there a coffee with him. :)

We decided to drive after the coffee with a tourist bus through Frankfurt. Just relaxing, seeing and listen to the teller. The station for the bus was at the Paulus church and we found it very quick. Chester have an iPhone with this iGo (Navigation for walker). This is really useful when you don’t know the city. Ok, a city map would do also the job, but it doesn’t show where you are at the moment. ;) This technique is really good.

The next bus came shortly after we arrived at the bus station. It was a great day and the roof of the double-decker was open. We was lucky and there was still seats free in the upper floor. Like that we let us drive one hour through Frankfurt and was listen to the voice of the teller. Like that holiday makes fun :) Thereby we realized that the German and the English version of the text – which the digital teller was telling – is partly very different.

We got hungry after our sightseeing tour. Actually I wanted to invite Chester for original Frankfurter sausages. But somehow I couldn’t enthuse him for it. So we was walking a while through Frankfurt and ended up finally in an Australian restaurant. Ok, I was never in one. I ordered a crocodile burger. … Not the best way to try such exotic meat… but it was the cheapest one.

Crocodile is something new, but basically it taste like chewy chicken. I couldn’t find any big taste of its own. But it was anyway something new. :)

After our lunch I wanted to have a look in the shopping mall. I still needed new trousers. But it was open Saturday and the city (especially the mall) was crowded like hell. I was rethinking about it…

Better to walk a bit more calmly through Frankfurt city. … And we ended up somehow in the red light district and around the corner was some suspicious on the street which I don’t want to meet in the night. Then passing the train station and heading in direction to the Main river. On the way we saw an tourist information for North Cyprus (and wondered a bit, cause I didn’t know that there exist one :) ).

After we arrived on the riverside we was sitting down on a park bench to relax a bit and having a chat – before we went back to the hotel.

Ira was already back from the book fair and we decided very quick to have a look to Dauth-Schneider, a restaurant which I know from my last Frankfurt visit and where they serve local specialties.

We arrived at the restaurant around 6pm… which seemed to be a bad time without reservation. It wasn’t even one place free. Absolutely packed.

So we had a look in the restaurant next door, the Affentorschänke. The same story… crowded. But the waitress could offer us the last 3 places, on a table where already people was sitting.

I can’t remember what we was eating (something local). But it was good. Just nobody was really fine with the apple wine (cider). And I ordered of course straight a whole carafe :)

After our good supper we went back in the city. On the Römer place we found another nice cafe/restaurant and went in. The house itself is an old half-timber house (like almost all houses on that place). And Ira like them a lot :)

We was drinking a beer and was eating a bit sweets … and when we was ready to leave it started raining. So, quick to the next subway station and the both to the hotel.

The public transportation system is really great there. Not even one hour later I was back home (at Saschas house). Just the taxi driver at the train station was a bit dumb. He was driving just on the weekend and didn’t really had an idea of the area. After he passed the right address (I could partly realize that we passed it) I was asking him if he knows where the address is. And he said “No. Do you know it?” … ???? … When I told him that I don’t know it and I am just a visitor here, he felt bothered to switch on his navigation system. Once circle and we was again on the house… where he passed before.

Sunday, 14.10.2012

The Sunday was a shit day. Dark grey clouds and lot of rain the whole day.

I was thinking to relax the whole day and don’t go again to Frankfurt. What you want to do at such day?

But it would have been a waste of chance. I mean there I am already there and then even with my friends from Cyprus… couldn’t do that. So I went again with Sascha and Mira into the city and with the subway to the Willy-Brandt-Platz station and from there quick to the hotel… to get as less wet as possible.

Ira was already gone again to the book fair and I went with Chester again first of all to Starbucks :) And when we was there it started really to rain. Not heavy, but more then before. So we was thinking for ages what we could do at this weather.

But we couldn’t really find any idea. Some when we became hungry and decided to relocate to a restaurant. The choice fall on an Italian restaurant. At pizza and pasta we continued our thinking about the plan for the rest of the day. With the same success… none.

Then Chester came up with the idea to drive to Mainz to have a look in this city. So we did it.

Chester was driving really good… therefore that he knows only driving on the left side. :) But that changed nothing on the weather. Also in Mainz the heaven was grey and it was raining. We decided to rush into the next cafe for a coffee and piece of cheese cake and then quick back to Frankfurt.

Ira was waiting already in the hotel. She was packed with a lot of books. At least one found something during shopping :) We was sitting a while in the hotel bar and was drinking a beer and was chatting and watched the jump of Felix Baumgartner. :)

And then I went back home to Sascha more or less early. I had to get up next day very early again and Sascha also got a visitor from New York. A friend of him who is living there.

So we was drinking a beer together and then was chatting a bit… before we went early to bed.

Monday, 15.10.2012

And now are my days over in Germany again. Time to fly home.

We got up very early again. At 7 am. was my alarm clock ringing. The other 3 had to go to work and I needed to get the bus at 9:30 from the main train station in Frankfurt to the Airport in Hahn.

Everything went good. I got the bus at 9:30 and the travel time was estimated with 1:45 hours. Ok, there was a traffic jam on the highway and we needed at the end 2 hours. But it didn’t matters for me, my fly was scheduled at 14:35. So I had enough time.

The check in was already open when we arrived at the airport. So I gave my backpack there and then the waiting started.

The airport Frankfurt-Hahn is a very small one (but even bigger then I expected).

My fly was in time and in the evening I was back on the island… in the warmth again :) Kai picked me up from the airport and one hour later I was back at home.. home sweet home :)

Don’t get me wrong. I love to fly to Germany to see my beloved people. But to be honest I start counting the days after latest one week until I can fly back finally.

So, now I needed over one month to write this lines. I am sure I forgot half of the trip… I hope you’ll excuse me. :) Especially in the first days… because I started writing with the last ones. So the first ones wasn’t really in my memory anymore… in the detail.

Best regards


Great weekend … one woman, 2 clubs, 4 friends


Gosh, I am really lazy about writing at the moment :( Ok, there is not much new to write about… and at the moment extremely.
I type already since days on my trip to Germany… and as longer it takes as more I forget. :( Especially I’ve started to write backwards. :) The most fresh memories first and the first days of the trip will be probably done in a few sentences, cause I can’t remember more.

But also I would like to write some sentences about this weekend, because it was “long”… after all :) I’ll do it now :)

But first of all… I am back from my holiday. It was really nice 2 1/2 … and much too short … weeks in good old Germany. As I said, I am still working on the report… which will hopefully follow in the next days.

To the weekend… At the beginning of it was nothing clear. Actually a friend from Paphos wanted to come with a Couchsurfer (which is currently visiting her). He should then also stay overnight here (she decided it). Even my “no” didn’t counted much… because my flat is very small and there is nowhere space for a inflatable bed.
So I tried to convince her a bit harder that it will be not possible that he can sleep here. And suddenly she didn’t had time anymore…^^

So, I was off on Friday again. No plans. Saturday the usual going out with my friends and Sunday relaxing. This was the preplanning, on which mostly nothing change. But this time it should come different.

On Friday afternoon I’ve met “by chance” a nice and very beautiful young lady in an internet chat. Surprisingly she replied on my message and we started to write a bit and got on well. Even more surprising was that she said “yes” on my question if we can meet. And we even arranged a meeting on the same evening. That was very quick… but great. She is even spontaneous… starts good :)

The only disadvantage was that she lives in another city. It’s a good hour with car… in the middle of the night. Because she was free at 1am. She still needed to work. But somehow I didn’t mind about it :) Now I have a “date” and then with such beautiful and interesting woman…
And so I was driving in the middle of the night to Paphos. Of course I was 20 minutes late. Well done!
But luckily she was also late. And quick I could figure out why. The car was full. … Actually I was expecting a meeting under 4 eyes… now there was 12 eyes… :o
I got immediately the explanation. One of the girls had birthday and this should be celebrated… of course. And it should happen in a club… to which we drove all together.

At the club we got all out of the car and I saw her first time in real size and could say properly hello. She was a little bit taller then me, high heels. :) Beautiful, like on the pictures and with a hot tight, studded leather dress. Really… don’t know how to express that different… she looked damn sexy :) (No, I didn’t made pictures and I’ll show her only if there will be something serious between us ;) )
Then I got introduced to everybody else. It’s somehow a stupid feeling… you meet and unknown woman first time and get straight introduced to the whole friend circle. But what to do… making the best out of it.

And so we went into the club (a Greek one by the way). The cloudy looking bouncer told the other guy in our company to take of the hat. Etiquette of the club. But then they let us in. And… it was loud, it was tiny and it was packed. That the music was Greek I first realized when they switched from house to hip hop / black music. Between there where times when they was playing real Greek folk music in club volume…. that was really over the limit for the ears. But I’ve enjoyed the house and trance times :)

The stupid thing was just that it is hard to communicate at this sound volume. So gave our best to get known on the non verbal level. But also there was not much communication. :( I realized that she have a beautiful smile and that she is very prudent and caring. And that she was ignoring me a bit (or bit more). We had only eye contact if she wanted to tell me something :(

I can’t remember when we left this club. But we was one of the last ones. It must have been around 4 or 5 in the morning. I was half deaf when we left this boite and needed a few minutes until I could hear normal again and we didn’t needed to scream to each other.
What are we going to do now?… I was asking her if I can bring her home. But she wasn’t sure about it… Afraid? :) But then hunger appears and some of us decided to go to eat something… somewhere… at 4 o’clock in the morning.
She really came with me in my car (which surprised me again) and 2 other people drove with another car. The rest said good bye.

So we went in the city center. In the car we had finally a bit time to talk a few sentences… before we arrived at the “african” fast food kiosk. We took a sandwich… which we was also eating straight there, while we was talking. Ok, the other 3 was mostly talking.

After the strengthening in the middle of the night I really had to take her back home. She had to get up at 10 in the morning to go to work… it was already 5am.
In the car we had again some minutes to talk a bit.
And then it was time to say Good Bye… or more “Good Night” :( A very nice evening… or night, was almost over (I still had to get back home).
I promised her to wake her up at 10 and she got out of the car… and I left me back confused. :-/ The evening was running totally different then I imagined it. We had almost no time to talk with each other… to get known to each other. As I said, she was always nice and polite (when we had the change to exchange some words). But generally she was on distance. I also couldn’t impress her with dancing… 2 left feet.
But this woman has something… this special something. But how it will continue? Was it fucked up straight on the first meeting or will there be a real meeting to get known again? I hope so!

On the was back to Limassol the dawn started already and when I arrived at home it was already 6am and almost fully bright.
I didn’t cared about it, I promised Aneta to wake her up at 10… and I only could do that when I don’t close my eyes.
But I had still around 100 pages of Shades of Grey left. The book which I was currently reading this time. So it was a good opportunity to read the last pages and finish the book… which I done. Almost in time I finished the book and called Anetas number. It was ringing at least 7-8 times before I could hear this typical clicking in the line, which occur then the other one pick up the phone. Then a few seconds silence… somehow she don’t say something when she pick up the phone. So I was wishing her in Polish a good morning (she is Pole and yes, I speak a few words Polish… but not much… yet :) ). She was wishing me the same… with a sinckly sweet voice. WOU If I could hear exactly this voice every morning…
And no morning grouch… another positive characteristic ;)

Our conversation was quite short. The connection was bad and it’s hard for me to understand people on the phone. And it’s mad to ask all the time “Sorry?”. That’s why I prefer real meetings.

A few minutes later I closed finally my eyes and I fall asleep very quick. Usually I need a longer while :)
My alarm clock was set up to 4pm. Not really long time to sleep, but better then waste the whole Saturday.

And then something totally new happened. I woke up from a dream because I was laughing so much, that I had to wake up. So like a nightmare other way around. I wasn’t waking up because some monster was chasing me or something else bad happened… I woke up because I had so much fun in the dream that I woke up from laughing too much (in the dream). … I have no idea if I was laughing only in the dream or even in real… but I didn’t gave a shit :) It was totally amazing and never happened before. Actually it happens really rarely that I anyway remember anything from what I was dreaming in the night. Mostly only when I wake up in the middle of a dream… and then is it totally bullshit what I was dreaming.
Ok, this dream was also not rational or with any sense… but totally funny :)
What happened? Maybe the date? Who knows…

After a view on the clock it was just 1pm. So I was just 2 hours sleeping… and I felt great :)

I decided to get up straight. Then looking a bit around in the internet… got lost in Facebook… watching her pictures and wrote a bit more on my holiday report. Some when around 4pm I became tired again and decided – considering that our pub evening will be also longer – to go back to bed and sleep a bit more. So 2-3 hours… maybe till 8. So, set up alarm clock again and back to bed.

Some when I woke up and it was already dark outside. I still have a bit jet-lag and thought that it will be a bit earlier dark here. My alarm clock wasn’t ringing yet… didn’t heard anything.
When I saw my alarm clock (actually it’s my mobile) lying on the floor… I’ve known that I overheard my alarm again and it was ringing lonely and unheard in the night. So I wonder how long I was sleeping… it was few minutes after 10pm. :o Wou!

Not even 10 minutes later was Chester already calling and asked if I want to join to the pub. Of course I want… what a question :) So I dressed up quickly and started.
This time we went to Molly Malones. Actually an Irish Restaurant (and a damn good one)… but the both was hungry… so why not. They have also beer :)

I was sharing with Ira a giant hot dog. It was really a giant thing… from which we both didn’t eat all of our half. Chester had one alone … and eaten up everything :o Ok, I wasn’t soo hungry :D
After this strengthening we continued with liquid food. I mean not that we fuddle or so… we are on Saturday just a bit thirsty. :) Around 2am they told us – more or less straight – that they would like to close the restaurant and that we would be the last guests. Ahh, really? Didn’t noticed that. :)

So the other 4 was calling a taxi. I was there with my own car (and couldn’t really drink because of that… one shandy). While we was waiting for the taxi the other both decided to have a look into another club. And because I was passing it anyway on the way home, they came with me while Chester and Ira was going with the taxi home.

I wasn’t really tired yet – good that I was sleeping well before – and decided to join the guys for 1 (!) drink. Then Alex phone was ringing. A friend of him was also in a club, but in another one… which non of us know. We needed 45 minutes to find this location. Again a club with Greek music. What can we do… if I need to :) So we entered the club. Same like yesterday in Paphos… terrible music which was much to loud, the location much to small and for that too crowded. The good thing was… 10 euro entrance (first they wanted 20… but because we came later they let us in for 10) we had open bar… so all drinks free… on a day when I have to drive ^^ Great!

Somewhen around 4 we left the building finally. Again I couldn’t use my ears for some minutes. The guys decided to continue in another disco. But without me… I just wanted to go back in my bed again. Actually I didn’t wanted to make this evening so long :)

And today was the first target: Sleep as long as needed… and then relax. To sleep late and then starting the day verryyyyy relaxed.
In the evening we 4 guys met again on the beach… enjoying the good weather… as long as it is still good. And the water was still great… not as cold as I thought. But there was not much to see today… a few small fish. But no octopus or other exciting things.

Who swims much get also hungry some when :) And so we went after swimming to Nags Head. Our favorite pub. Which is also serving food. And then was finish… the evening I’ll enjoy now with a nice movie and then is the nice weekend over already. :(

Lets see how it will go on. I mean with the nice lady. At the moment I don’t have a good feeling. She is almost not to reach (I mean SMS… calling is not really my thing). I hope there will be a 2nd meeting… which will contribute that we get known to each other. Lets see.

But now… finish for today.
Cu soon

What is new there? Not much, and there?

Dear diary… ohh, wrong greeting :)
Dear readers – that is correct :)

A bit time passed again, since I was writing for the general public. I mean in general, not something which was related to computer, programming or diving. But to be honest, nothing happen. At least not much.

There was no job in the last 2-3 months. Which is bad for my financial situation and I really thought about to fold up my tents. My bank accounts was totally empty and I was in arrears with my rent.
And when the fridge became empty as well… it become really tight.
Every day I said to myself  “Tomorrow it will become better, else I need to go.” … because the hope dies last. And in the moment the last tenner left my wallet… it happens. Or?

No, in the last minute came the redemption. A customer, a customer. :) Just a small job, but better then nothing. And then it started like always…
No job for months and then they come all in one time. (That shall not be a complain!) But it would be nice if it would be a bit more spread, that would be great. Seems like customer are connected to each other (even they don’t know each other)… When one has the thought “Oh, I have something to do for Gordon”… then all get the same message. :)

Anyway, I had jobs again. And with it a bit money. At least that much that I could pay my rent and the bills (hopefully). And a bit food in my fridge. I also had a bit money for diving… even I should have saved the money for bills, as I know now. But on the other side… a bit fun is needed in live. Else what would it be for a live?

And then I am working also on a private project at the moment. But I don’t want to talk much about it yet, because I have no idea yet how it will go on. Just … it could be a world record maybe.
At the moment I try to figure out how hard it could be and especially if I am in the condition to do it and how high the risk could be.
Actually I don’t really know the rules yet and the people of the Guiness World Records need 4-6 weeks to answer my request.
Till now I just get support from my dive school. The owner is helping me a lot, for which I give him high credits.
Many people which know the plan say that I am crazy and/or mental.
Also I tried to win some organizations for the project, to support them. But till now without success or answer. Not to talk about sponsors (it will cost a ‘few’ euros :( ).

Next week I am planing to make the first test and if it will be successful and the people from Guinness accept my request, then I’ll definitely follow it and try it. Of course I’ll write more about it then. ;)
Just I don’t want to talk now to much about it, else someone will be quicker then me :) and of course first of all I’d like to find out if I can manage it, before I talk big :)
The video of the 2nd dive:

As I said, we was diving again.

We was 2 weeks ago in the north diving. We went there on Friday evening and Saturday, after the dive, back. It was a bit chaotic, which is like we know it in Cyprus.

First of all was a friend somewhere else sleeping as planed. That worried us a lot. Because our mobiles doesn’t work in the north and we couldn’t reach her.
Then was the plan to go with a boat for the dive. But this broke down. We went then finally with a jeep to the dive safari. Also interesting… but exhausting. The first dive spot was at the end of Cyprus, at Karpaz. Nobody before us was there without boat. We had to climb over rocks to get to the entrance. 12 o’clock in the noon, with over 30 degrees in the shadow and fully equipped. That wasn’t really easy and nice. And then we had to swim around 1km. To the 2nd island in front of the coast. But therefore we found some nice archaeological “things”. I think… can’t say it for sure… I am not a archaeologist.

But we guess that there, direct in front of the coast, is a sunken village (very old one). And at the 2nd island we found a lot of amphoras. Most of them stuck together as a big piece. It could be a indication that there sunk some ships… long time ago.
But except of this wasn’t much to see there. Not much live. But good visibility. The water there is really really clear.

The 2nd dive spot was for me more interesting. It was along the coast. On the way are 3 caves. We just submerged when the first stingray showed up and circled around us. It was the first time that I ever saw this (for me proper) kind of stingray. I saw already one in Limassol, but that one was different and lazy :)
This one here was very active and seemed to be curious as well. It looks very amazing how this animals move. It is like they are flying through the water.
Soon he turned around and left us. Far away we saw a second one, who was waiting for the 1st one (seemed like). … Of course we had to follow him to make more pictures and videos :)

After the photo and video session we turned around to follow the track. But after a few meter we saw already the next one flying over the ground.
We followed the steep face at the cost line to the first cave.
Caves are interesting for me, but under water is it a bit strange… bit of claustrophobia maybe. Especially when you are the last who is entering the cave and the people before you made sure that the visibility equals zero (which is not hard to do in a cave, I have to mention). One wrong fin kick and it’s over with the visibility.
I tried to have a look … but turned around soon, lost even my buddy, and left the cave again.

Then we continued to dive to the next cave. Here the same game. But this cave had a specialty. All 3 caves have just one entrance and rise up (the entrance is deep and inside they go up). So basically you swim uphill. And in this one was, in a corner at the top, a whole which was going down again. Our guide said that there is a fresh water spring in it.
But due to the bad visibility again and I lost my inner peace in this caves anyway… I left it again, without having a closer look. I lost my buddy again… but she was waiting outside already for me. We are a perfect team :)

When we continued the dive, we passed again a stingray. The others just overlooked it. We stopped and “observed” the stingray a while. But the ray didn’t bothered at all about us. He continued to dig his whole in the sand.
When we was as close as 2-3 meter, he stopped for a moment, watched us and continued straight away. Interesting was also that there was 4 flatfish and 2 blowfish around him. I guess they was waiting what the stingray would dig out of the sand… something to eat for them maybe :)
Unfortunately was the battery of my camera almost empty. I could record just a few seconds of this wonderful moment :( And it was really amazing. I would have loved to watch them for hours.

Stingrays are really interesting animals. And because we don’t have the big choice of animals here in Cyprus… I really thing to go to the same place again. With more time and a full camera… and much fun :)
The videos which I could make:

That was the latest dives I’ve ever done. We finished the 2nd dive around 6pm. After we went back home and arrived some when around 11 in the night in Limassol again.

And last weekend we’ve been diving with the Aloha boat. There is a dive spot which is called “The pyramids”. That sounds very interesting. :) Especially when a friend is telling you it is close to the Amathus ruins in the water, which can be seen while snorkeling.

So, I was very curious about the pyramids. I have straight Cairo or the Maya-pyramids in my head.

So we started with the boat in the early morning. Ok, we passed Amathus… maybe my friend was mistaken.

Then we went to the water. The visibility wasn’t that good. But still better then in the most ponds :) And then we saw already the first “pyramid”. And I realized… I expected to much from the name of the spot. Of course there are no ‘real’ pyramids. The ‘pyramids’ are cubes of concrete which are piled up in a pyramid. … Great. Well, at least it looked interesting and there was some fishes.

The second dive spot (I forgot the name) was a bit more interesting. The visibility was good and there was also a bit more live. Some fishes was really curious… so much that I got some good ‘face shots’ (as you can see in the video) :)

There was even some small wrecks and even a Playstation… with controller :)
And someone had the idea to dump a load of old tires. Well, the fishes was happy about it… but they will never rotten.
And here the video of the both dives:

I wasn’t that happy about the dives all in all. It was not bad… but also not spectacular. I would love to experience something great… under water :)
Above the surface as well, of course :)

And else… ahh, on Wednesday I had a photo shooting. A friend made a new tattoo on her back. And because the main photographer was busy and she needed urgent pictures… she remembered that there is also a Gordon, which also makes some good pictures. And so I got a call.
Well, when I get already an request… then I can’t say no. (That I was the second choice I’ve heard later… her luck :) )

So we was meeting on Tuesday at 2pm. We went to a (more or less) quite place. And then we started the shooting :) I haven’t so much experience with shooting people. But it was a good working with her and we made some good pictures.

After we published the pictures some other girls came and said that they are interested :) Maybe I should change to photographing :) If I get better skills in photographing people.

So, and that’s it already with news. It is like always… mostly nothing happen. A doom loop. No work = no money = no action :(
I hope it will change now soon.

Then cu next time.
Ciao ciao