My first podcast – Swimming in the morning in the sea and in the afternoon beeing in the snow

Hello together, today just a quick story. Today I make a podcast :-) (Bloggen = writing, podcast = video und talking ;) ) That everybody know what I am talking about. I am living in Cyprus. And Cyprus is one of the few regions on this earth where it is possible to go on the […]

My current top 5 playlist

I thought “today you make something different”… so today something for your ears :-) Here is my current top 5 music playlist … which I hear at the moment. No. 1: Showtek feat Mc Stretch – Dutchie No. 2: Stromae – Alors on danse I love this song. I like french :-) Should come more […]

My very first dive

Hello together, today I have something new to tell :) I was my very first time diving. I’ve decided a few days ago that I need to do something… during the week I am basically just at home. During the day working and in the evening I am not in the mood anymore to go […]

First swim 2009

Hi together, yes, I had the courage to do it… first on the Sunday, but I jumped in the ice cold sea. … No, it wasn’t that bad. I guess the Mediterranean sea has around 22 degrees. And the air temperature is approx. 33 degrees in the shadow (which you can’t find on the beach) […]

18 September 2008

Hi, today – more or less – quick. It is late already… I believe slowly that it will be more a diary as a blog. But is a blog not a kind of diary? It is, or? In the morning I was calling first of all Telekom and 1and1. The Phone/Internet needs to be changed […]

My blog

Hi, today not much happened. I planed to lie in. Didn’t set up any alarm clock, nothing. And when did I wake up? At 11 :( Ok, was already longer then usually, but didn’t really helped. I am tired already again. There is something very wrong it is. Anyway, it will pass. Today I’ve uploaded […]