My first podcast – Swimming in the morning in the sea and in the afternoon beeing in the snow

Hello together,

today just a quick story. Today I make a podcast :-) (Bloggen = writing, podcast = video und talking ;) )

That everybody know what I am talking about. I am living in Cyprus. And Cyprus is one of the few regions on this earth where it is possible to go on the same day swimming in the sea and skiing in the mountains. And it is not ice swimming or on fake snow. Warm water (more or less) and real snow ;)

I wanted to do it the whole winter already. But either the weather was shit or no money or or or.

And then was the snow was gone already and I missed the beat.
But last week we got again 70cm new snow and with it maybe the last chance for my plan. Because here in Limassol we have already 20-25 degrees, during the day. And the water have around 17-18 degrees.

And so I’ve done it yesterday. Getting up in the morning, then swimming/snorkeling in the sea and after that we went to the mountains. I wasn’t alone with the idea to go to the mountains. We had one hour stop and go on the way… we was not alone. But between swimming and snow we would have needed – without traffic jam – just 1 1/2 hours. But like that it was a bit more.

So, now here my first (and maybe last) Podcast.

PS: Sorry for the quality and that babble… but as I said, it was my first podcast and actually I don’t really like cameras. But for this reason I thought it would be better to make moving pictures instead of pictures and writing. ;)

My current top 5 playlist

I thought “today you make something different”… so today something for your ears :-)

Here is my current top 5 music playlist … which I hear at the moment.

No. 1: Showtek feat Mc Stretch – Dutchie

No. 2: Stromae – Alors on danse
I love this song. I like french :-) Should come more songs like that.

No. 3: Faithless – Insomnia
A real oldie… but still goooood. Here in the a1 electro mix.

No. 4: Unheilig – Geboren um zu leben
Just a great song. No need of much words.

No. 5: Lambda – Hold on Tight
Another classic… but will never be out of date :-)

No. ?: Yann Tiersen – Comptine d’un autre ete
One of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It’s a song from the movie “Ameliè”. Which is – by the way – also one of the best movies ever.

Strange cloud in Limassol… Strange day today…

Somehow today just strange things happen… first is the flight canceled, then was the whole morning the power off, then once behaving stupid (it’s a other story) and now THIS… can’t really describe it.

It’s like a very thick cloud / smog. Its very close to the ground (if its not even till the ground… can’t really see it from here) and its not very high. It’s parallel to the sea shore… and only there. So, it’s not really coming in the interior. How far it goes on the sea I can’t say, can’t see it. And I see only one end. Its approx at the new harbor. The other end is not visible from here… it continues in direction to Larnaka.

I really have no idea what kind of cloud that it. For a fire smoke is it to huge and white. No idea… maybe I’ll find it out later.

Here a video which I made of that cloud. That you can see what I mean:


Did I mentioned already that my ‘j’-key disappeared miraculously. Yes, no joke… just disappeared from my keyboard and gone. Slowly I guess someone wants to hoax me here… when it continues I’ll make holiday… ah no, nobody is flying right now. (The ‘j’ comes from the clipboard right now… it makes me wanna puke!)

My very first dive

Hello together,

today I have something new to tell :) I was my very first time diving.

I’ve decided a few days ago that I need to do something… during the week I am basically just at home. During the day working and in the evening I am not in the mood anymore to go out or I have my own customer for which I need to work. Saturday is mostly just shopping and from time to time a small journey. Ok, on Sunday I go often out with Cindy… but real movement isn’t there. So, I needed a hobby :)
I am living now on an island in the Mediterranean sea, so the idea to go diving is close. And I am curious and like to see new things. So it is a good chance to see and discover a “new world”.

The decision was made… the next step… to find a good dive base. But it is the same problem like always when you try to find something “good”… a good doctor, a good bank, a good partner… it is not possible to know who is good and who is not good, because you can also just look in front of their head. I need to try.
I was choosing at the end Aloha Divers and was there last week for a first chat. We was talking a bit and I was also asking about the prices. And we made an appointment for today… for a “try dive”. I never done it and maybe I will hate it… :)

I was the whole week reading on webpages about diving. My English is not the best and the people in the dive school speak only English. I wanted to learn a bit about it before and also wanted to see what other people write about it. I found some webpages which describe the basics about diving (hand signs, technique and so). On many pages I found also negative things… dive accidents and things which can happen… that made me nervous.

And today was the big day finally. I was more afraid as that I was looking forward to it… :( But I went there anyway. Was 20 minutes to early there… but the both instructor also just arrived… good timing. :) Then I had to watch first of all a nice DVD with the first instructions. In English… but most of it I’ve known already from the webpages and could figure out what they mean, even I understood just pieces of the DVD.
Then I god dressed up. Very tight the suit… but makes slimmer :D … putting on weights, trying the mask, boots (he said I have the smallest feet he ever saw as men :( ) and then the jacket and cylinder. It’s not that heavy as I expected. And I almost forgot the fins :) And then we walked to the beach. Full equipped around 50 meter through the pampa… I felt like an astronaut. :)

When we arrived at the water, we dressed the fins… not that easy when you are until the knees in the water and the tank on the back. But Phil helped me.
Mask on and then further in the water, until it’s up to the throat… in the moon walk (backwards)… it’s easier with fins. ;) And then it became serious. First he was showing me how the regulator works, then we replied the hand signs and how to use the mask properly… and then we went down…

The first breaths are really unaccustomed and I just wanted to go up again and breath “normal”. Very very strange feeling… At once you’re in a different world. It is hard to explain when you never done it by yourself.
We started to slip through some basics… taking the regulator out of the mouth and back (under water of course), blowing out the mask, what to do if the air of your buddy is finished… etc.
I was, I believe, most busy to concentrate on my breathing and to get rid of this strange feeling. :D
And then we was diving a small round… as I said, it is hard to describe to someone who haven’t done it… but from this moment it was really great. Good, we had just a depth of 2-3 meter. But it is amazing when you don’t have to get up to breath.
20 meter in front of the beach are the break water and after still 10 meter swimming area, with buoy at the end. That was our target. A break water under water looks really… impressive. Here we met also the first fish. … An experienced diver will maybe laugh about some crummy break water… for it was exciting. The depth was there around 3 meter. But then I couldn’t equalize in the left ear… :( Even after several tries it wasn’t possible and we had to go back :(
We swam back to the shore on the back (on the water).

We was drinking then at least one more hour coffee (or they black tea with milk …. English people :) ).
Phil is very nice, always helped and took care and I felt really good with him as instructor.
At the end I registered for the first course (Open Water Diver) and will definitely do more. This small overview was enough for me to know that I want more of it :)

So, most probably I will write soon more about my diving adventures :D Stay tuned!

See you soon

PS: From no I am writing about my diving here:

(Pictures: No, they are not from me… top: joakant, down: coxwain

First swim 2009

Hi together,

yes, I had the courage to do it… first on the Sunday, but I jumped in the ice cold sea. … No, it wasn’t that bad. I guess the Mediterranean sea has around 22 degrees. And the air temperature is approx. 33 degrees in the shadow (which you can’t find on the beach) and the 22 degrees is nice refreshing and not too cold.

Just the ‘Ladies Mile Beach’ is not the best beach here. Small to middle big stones instead sand and after 2 meters is a 2 meter concrete layer in the water. It also becomes quite quick deep. I couldn’t stay until 10 meters anymore.
But for a quick swim is it ok. And it is the next beach to my flat.

Else was the weekend more or less boring. Saturday I had a meeting with a customer and afterwards shopping and working. And yesterday we went to the flea market (looking for a birthday present) and then an hour on the beach and in the evening we was invented for dinner.
So nothing special, but anyway nice :)

Best regards

PS: And a few new pictures :)

18 September 2008


today – more or less – quick. It is late already… I believe slowly that it will be more a diary as a blog. But is a blog not a kind of diary? It is, or?

In the morning I was calling first of all Telekom and 1and1. The Phone/Internet needs to be changed in address. At least we try to change it to my roommate. I don’t think they can change the address to Cyprus :D

There was no problem with the Telekom. Hotline for free, nice stuff on the phone and he’ll send the form with the post. 1and1… well, what shall I say to that? First of all I needed ages to find the correct phone number. Some when I found on their webpage a number for relocation. I thought ‘relocation’… here you’re right. So, I’ve called the expensive (for me) 01805-Number (service number). After 4 minutes waiting in the queue a nice (really nice) Lady told me that I am wrong there and that I shall call a (even more expensive) 0900-number.
Again navigating through the operator menu… waiting 2-3 minutes again… and finally I could catch another nice employee, which told me competent that he will send me the form… or is it also possible via email? Email? Yeah, email is even better… faster. He promised that I’ll have it latest tomorrow the form in my email.

I didn’t had to wait for so long. Approx. 2 hours later I’ve got an email from 1and1. Unfortunately not that what I wanted. They was sending me an email with told me how I can change the Admin-C and master data. Master data… ok, but Admin-C?? If I would like to change the provider of my domain, then I would have said that! And anyway, he wanted to send me a form, but I couldn’t find anything like that.
I’ll wait until tomorrow… maybe there will come something afterwards.

Hmm… except this, nothing happened. Was working a lot and finished also some stuff. In the afternoon I stole the show again and some trouble in the flat. But I am not in mood to write about it now. Just want to go to bed.


My blog


today not much happened. I planed to lie in. Didn’t set up any alarm clock, nothing. And when did I wake up? At 11 :( Ok, was already longer then usually, but didn’t really helped. I am tired already again. There is something very wrong it is. Anyway, it will pass.

Today I’ve uploaded my blog online, after checking the software for one day on my local computer. Well, I’ve installed right away a very security systems. But in general is WordPress not bad.
I think that I like blogging more then I thought :) Somehow it’s really funny. But it is also a bit strange to know that the whole world could read it. Ok, that is the point of a blog. But if someone wants to read my shit here :D But I don’t force anybody to read it :)

I was today with Ronny, Steffi and Christian in the ice cafe. Was drinking a coffee and eating a nice ice cream. Was nice weather today. It was really nice after the bad weather in the last days. It was really nice to feel the sun again. And I hope it will happen more often during the next days.

Just my normal work suffered a bit today. I was not working at all that day. But it was Sunday anyway. :) But tomorrow I should finish it. We will see.

I’ll learn 1-2 lessons English and then is finish for today. Time for bed. An tomorrow… same shit, different day :D

By the way English. If you’re looking for a good software to learn English then try Rosetta Stone. That is really good for learning.