St. Tropez, Marseille, Andorra till almost Barcelona

After our night at the beach before St. Tropez we went further to St. Tropez itself. After it further to Marseille and from there over the Pyrenees to Andorra. Then to the south towards Barcelona.

West Italy, Monaco and the Cote d’Azur.

From our camping place we went, after another lazy day, further on the west coast of Italy till France. A short visit in Monaco and further on the Cote d’Azur till almost Saint-Tropez.

San Marino – Florence – Siena bis Castiglioncello

From Venice we went further to the mini country San Marino, then to the Uffizi in Florence, in the cathedral in Siera and to Castiglioncello.

Munich, Castle Neuschwanenstein and more…

We move on. From Augsburg to Munich in the German museum and then further to the Wies-church and castle Neuschwanenstein, until the target of the day: Italy.

Es geht weiter. Von Augsburg nach München ins Deutsche Museum und danach weiter zur Wieskirche und zum Schloss Neuschwanenstein, bis zum Tagesziel Italien.

Visiting Liechtenstein and storm in Germany.

From our sleeping place with the amazing view (in Switzerland) we went further for a visit in Liechtenstein and further to Augsburg (Germany), where a storm destroyed our plans.