Buffavento (Cyprus) in a time lapse and pictures

And again we made an interesting project. A time lapse movie. This small movies which move very fast. The result is a cool movie and some good pictures.

9 earthquakes on one day yesterday in Cyprus

There was yesterday already messages about earthquakes in Facebook. First it was 3 and at the end of the day the number raised to 9. I thought it is a joke and that someone mistaken a truck with an earthquake. Can happen :) I didn’t felt anything the whole day. That’s why I couldn’t believe […]

After the explosion now as well a radioactive disaster?

As I just read in the Famagusta Gazette, shall be also ammunition with uranium in the container. Or more specific, 125mm ammunition for APFSDS. Which exploded 2 days ago at the big bang. The US embassy was sending a message to all Americans in Cyprus in which they informed them to avoid the area around […]

Catastrophe in Cyprus – Huge explosion on military base

I was today in the morning without internet and called Kai to hear if there is everything working. He said “Joar, internet is working. But did you hear that with the power plant already? We had a total power cut because the main power plant got blown up!”… :-o “What?” So, after the internet was […]

Cyprus is NOT Greece!

Because it always happen to me that people ask me “And, how is it in Greece?” … or “Did you come good back to Greece?” or “Tell me, you have the big finance crisis there in Greece?” … Today again for all ignoramus. :P Cyprus is not Greece! (South)Cyprus is an own country and has […]

Typical Cyprus – Webhoster in Cyprus

Hi, today something from the category ‘Typical Cyprus’ ;-) I was just looking around for web hosting in Cyprus. That is not so easy. Cyprus is not so big and the internet connections are bad as hell. But I just found one. When I tried to figure out if the server is really located in […]

Bus connection from Limassol to Nicosia / Cyprus

Hi, quick message today. I’m surprised, there is really a bus connection from Limassol to Nicosia and the other way around. :-) You’ll find more information here: This bus service offer also connections to other places of interest. Have a look if you find your destination. But the webpage is really old… there are […]

Car insurance and driving license in Cyprus

Hi, I would like to set a quick notice about the subject car insurance and driving license in Cyprus. As the day came closer that my little car will belong finally to me, I had also to think about how to insure it. Of course we have lots of insurance companies here. An so I […]

Self-made Frapé

Hi, our favorite drink in the last days is a typical Greek drink… “Frapé”. Frapè is a great refreshing drink and gives energy to body and sould :D How to do it? Simple… take a glass… the best is one which becomes wider on top (like a goblet). Then add one teaspoon instant coffee and […]