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… see:

[_] Northern Lights
[_] A Tornado
[_] A volcano eruption… live but with enough distance :)

… experiencing:

[_] Carnival in Rio
[X] Cyprus wedding
[_] Rammstein concert
[X] Silbermond concert (29.11.2009 / Stadthalle Magdeburg)
[_] To find an, till that moment, unknown shipwreck. The best would be nice old and with an interesting load :)

… do:

[_] Bungee jumping
[_] Diving with whales
[_] Diving / swim with dolphins
[_] To ride behind an twister
[_] To ride with the biggest rollercoaster in the world
[_] To stay on the roof of the biggest building in the world
[X] To fly with an hot-air ballon
[_] Parachuting (alone, no tandem jump) (Link)
[_] To invent a cocktail which becomes famous
[_] Dop a pin on the world map and go exactly there
[_] To milk a cow with my own hands
[_] To participate on a demonstration… don’t know yet which
[X] To shoot with a real gun
[_] To marry unusual
[_] Around the world trip
[X] To go swimming and being in real snow on the same day
[X] To shoot with a pump gun
[X] Participate at Opel Project Earth
[_] To break a world record

… traveling to:

[_] Russia (only holiday)
[_] Philippines (maybe also living there a while)
[_] USA (only holiday)
[_] Ghana (to visit my godchild)
[_] To the space

… achieve:

[_] To see one of my pictures in an exhibition.
[_] To be one time on the cover of a magazine / newspaper… as bigger the magazine as better :)
[_] To invent a word which gets a record in the dictionary.
[_] Entry in the Guinness-Worldrekords book.
[_] To find the right woman
[_] Make a child
[_] Build a house on the sea

(Italic points was not planed and happen spontaniously)