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My new hobby… free diving :)

Ok, everbody like to do it who like to be in the water. Even as child we do it already. Hold your breath and go underwater. Being a bit under water. Just for a few seconds. That is what we all can do. The once a bit and the others a bit longer.

Professionals can do it unbelievable 3… 4… 5… minutes and longer. Without any equipment. Just with the air in their lungs they can stay so long under water. Just the thought about it is unbelievable.

And it is trainable. Of course it depends on several factors how good someone can be. Smoking is probably the worst factor… :-(

But there are several things which can be done. The most important is probably – like always – training, training, training :)
Another important part is if you are moving under water or not. Because moving = CO² consumption.

Important to mention is that free diving can be dangerous. It can happen that the brain gets oxygen deficiency and then it will react switch to pilot flame… which means unconsciousness! I think I don’t need to mention that this is not good while you are in the water.

Here are my records. Lets start at the “baby stage” :-)

30.03.2011 – 0:33 Minutes (moving)

23.06.2011 – 0:52 Minutes (moving)
I believe now that you need to forget everything while you are free diving.Think nothing and just enjoy the life under water. Then you’ll forget the oxygen “problem”. Also I believe that there is less oxygen consumption while I move only with my legs (fins) then I have with moving my hands.
I need to move under water due the lack of weights.

27.07.2012 – 1:02 Minutes (moving)
This time I didn’t wanted to stay as long as possible under water. But then I saw some fish and there some other fish and then there something… and when I checked the video at home… I saw that I was 62 seconds under water in total :)
It is for one year doing not really an increase… but I hope it will come one day anyway :)
And here  the video

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