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Everybody has somehow his own opinions about life. I have a very special opinion about marriage (if I’ll do it some when).

I want to say every year again YES to my love. And never in the same way :-) Unusual marriage is duty! Normal can do everybody. ;)

Here a list how it could happen:

[_] On a sailing ship (e.g. the Viermaskbark “Passat”)
[_] In Las Vegas
[_] Underground (e.g. in a mine, like here)
[_] USS Enterprise wedding (seems like they don’t offer it anymore)
[_] In an hot-air ballon
[_] Saying “Yes” at sunrise on an Caribbean beach
[_] In the space
[_] Nude
[_] Under water
[_] Biker wedding
[_] During parachuting
[_] During a Bungee-Jump
[_] In an airplane
[_] While paragliding
[_] Mass wedding
[_] Costume wedding
[_] In a knight’s castle (maybe with costume)
[_] On the beach (with beach party after)
[_] In a lighthouse
[_] On the Empire State Building

Ok, but first of all I need a woman… who want?? :)

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