My first english blog entry

Hi together,

actually i descided now to write also english articles in my blog. Why? Hmm… first of all, i have to practice my english. You’ll find out… it’s crab.
And then… i’m living in abroad and my blog is still just in german. That can’t be! :-) Sometimes i have information which are also interesting for people who don’t speak german. For example when i write something about cyprus or some other things which is interesting for all people in the world. And my friends are now also international and not everybody understand german… ok, here the friends in cyprus speaking many languages… but just 3 or 4 of them german.

So, now then also in english. Ok… with my amount of blog entrys in the month… it will be one german and one english article per month :-) Anyway…

So, we read us! ;-)


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