Germany VS England – we won 4:1 – yeahhhhh :-)

Hi everybody,

i wasn’t sure to write it also in english… but my friend circle is not just english people, so why not… ok, maybe after that posting there will be no english friends anymore :-o :-)

Anyway… to be honest I don’t like football in general. But the world champian chip is a bit different and we descided to go today in the shaka zulu bar, here in limassol. Germany VS England… that is something special here… with so many english people and a few germans.

When i arrived there today it was so full as never before, when i’ve been there. I have to tell therefore that many germans visit the shaka zulu. And today was there only germans… on the first look. Everywhere black-red-yellow warpaintings in the face, german flags, wheat beer and bratwurst and sauerkraut.

My friend was sitting straight on the first bar, outside. So i was standing next to her. But when i had to go inside, because my other friend was sitting inside on the bar… i feeled a bit… out of place. Inside was the english fans. … Outside the german fan community with german television and inside the english fan community with english television. Also an option :-)
But as a german… out again :-)

And then they start the game. The atmosphere was great… more than great. One girl brought a drum with her and was cheering the german team with her drum :-) And then score first goals and the people was madding.
What then english people did inside… i couldn’t see or hear anything :-)

I believe we choose the right game to watch. So great goals are very seldom, for sure… only sensational goals… for me.

And even i don’t like football… i think we will watch every german game in this WM in a pub. :-) It was so great… and peacefull!!

Here a few movies that you can realize the atmosphere in the pub. But i had just my mobilecam with me… so not the best quality… sorry.

And by the way… what is a english doing after he won the the WM? … Switching off the playstation and going to bed. ;-)


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