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Welcome on my Photography page.

Maybe you mentioned it, I changed over… behind the camera, instead of being just in front :)

It started around 15 years ago, with my first camera. This time of course still with film and ‘only’ 36 pictures. Of course I did not care about composing or anything else. Just made snapshots.

Then I bought some when my first digital camera. An Olympus (can’t remember the model). I remember that it needed 4 huge AA batteries. And they was empty after just 10 pictures. Terrible… not to talk about the quality. :(

After some years I bought my first ‘real’ camera. A Casio Exilim EX-P505. I think we can call it already a bridge camera. The 5MP produce a good quality and it is a very good camera for beginner and even advanced photographer. They even have full control about the manual settings (full M-mode).
This camera made – in its time with me – not less than 100.000 pictures and never failed. :)
Especially when I came to Cyprus I’ve started photographing more and more. It became the main activity beside my job. Ok, here is a lot to make pictures of :)

As part of my world trip planning 2010, I’ve decided that I need a real DSLR camera. And the winner was the Olympus E-410. It was, in this time, the smallest DSLR camera on the market and had good recessions.
The world trip didn’t happen yet, but therefore I have learned a lot in the last years about photographing. With the time I bought 2 more lenses…. which ‘forced’ me to learn more and more.

Then, on lonely cold winter days in 2012 :) , it made *boom* again. Since I started photographing with the EX-P505, I was fascinated of macro photography. With the EX-P505 is it possible to make already really good macro shots. With the standard 17-45mm lens of the Olympus not so good anymore. That is why I decided in that ‘cold winter days’ to order a real macro lens for the Olympus. And after I made the first pictures with it… it happened. … I also need a tripod and a few flashes …. and this and this… (macro photography isn’t simple and accessories does really help).
So, I invested a lot of money… but it reflects in my pictures.

I had always the opinion that not the camera makes good pictures, the photographer does. I changed this opinion. It’s a mix between both. A 10.000 Euro camera does not make great pictures, if the photographer has no clue what he is doing. But also a great photographer doesn’t make great pictures with a shit camera/equipment. It is the mix between both. A good photographer and a good equipment make good pictures. ;)
That does not mean that I am a master now, just because I have a better  equipment.
But, for example, I don’t have so much blurry pictures anymore, because I have a good tripod now. Or I can make much better focus stacking pictures now, because I have a macro rail.
That is what I mean :)

And this was the beginning of the end as (hobby) ‘snapshotter’. Die quality of my pictures raised a lot in the weeks after (I guess I can say that :) ). Also I was reading a lot of information about photographing and watched videos … to learn more and more. But also I need to mention: learning never stops. So, it’s just the beginning.

And now I try to get skills with people. It is a totally new area for me, which also needs a lot of skills and experience to make good pictures (as I had to find out already).

I’ve created some new galleries. Just click on the preview picture or on the link, to see it. All galleries open in a new window, for a better view. After you finished one gallery, just click on the close button of the new window (also before you go back to watch another gallery… else the new gallery opens in the same (new) window as the last gallery… that can be confusing). Just make sure that you don’t close the homepage itself ;)

[book id=’2′ popup=’1′ preview=’https://www.gordonzube.com/wp-content/pageflip/thumbnails/macro_gallery.jpg’ /]The small world in big. The area of the photography which is most fascinating for me yet.
[book id=’2′ popup=’1′ text=’Open the gallery’ /]
[book id=’1′ popup=’1′ preview=’https://www.gordonzube.com/wp-content/pageflip/thumbnails/model_gallery.jpg’ /]Photo shootings with Models. [book id=’1′ popup=’1′ text=’Open the gallery’ /]
[book id=’3′ popup=’1′ preview=’https://www.gordonzube.com/wp-content/pageflip/thumbnails/experimental_gallery.jpg’ /]Experimental photography is an area in which fantasy has no borders. From water drops, bursting soap bubbles till … there are no borders :) [book id=’3′ popup=’1′ text=’Open the gallery’ /]
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