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today something from the category ‘Typical Cyprus’ ;-)

I was just looking around for web hosting in Cyprus. That is not so easy. Cyprus is not so big and the internet connections are bad as hell.

But I just found one. When I tried to figure out if the server is really located in Cyprus, I quickly rethought about hosting my web-space with them.
Here the original quote from the webpage of the provider (else no one will believe me):


Simplex’s data centre is located on the 4th (top) floor of a building in the heart of Limassol, the international business centre of Cyprus and features 176m2 (approx. 1895 sq.ft.) of combined server space and office space.

Got it? :-)

Ok, everybody should know that computer produce heat. But heat is not so good for the hardware. For your computer at home is it not a big deal. But companies already should take care about a bit cooling. But in an datacenter is it a must have to take care about special cooling systems.
Good, there is no word about their cooling system. But for everybody who is not so familiar with with Cyprus. We gave here over 6 month with over 30 degrees. Partly over 40. And if I want to establish here a datacenter, then I’ll do it as deep in the ground as possible, and not in the top floor (4th floor) of an high building. Already in the 2nd floor of our building is the temperature difference enormous. In the basement is it nice. In my room in the second floor, top floor, is it not below 36 degrees at the moment (without A/C).

I am curious how many server they burn during one month and how high the electricity bill for the air condition is ;-)

That will be not my new web hosting provider!

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