Cyprus is NOT Greece!

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Because it always happen to me that people ask me “And, how is it in Greece?” … or “Did you come good back to Greece?” or “Tell me, you have the big finance crisis there in Greece?” … Today again for all ignoramus. :P
Cyprus is not Greece! (South)Cyprus is an own country and has only that much to do Greece as the most locals here come of Greeks and because of that called Greek Cypriots.
And I live in Cyprus, not in Greece!
And again we have learned something ;-)

Nobody has a finance crises here (except me), Greece is (more or less) far away. Greek politics have nothing to say here and the country is called Cyprus.

In the north of Cyprus it becomes a bit more complicated. I can’t tell is exactly. According to Wikipedia belongs the territory of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus to the European Union. I need to ask Moni how it exactly is. But I think also North Cyprus have an own government and is with it an own country, but only Turkey accept it.

So: Greece is not Cyprus – Gordon is in Cyprus… everything clear? :-)

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