WordPress in different languages. My blog becomes international.

You want to offer your blog / website in multiple languages. But not with automatic translation, but by enter the translation by your own? Then this plugin is just right for it. Check it out.

Pelorus Jack – The real hero which almost nobody knows

He was a hero in New Zealand at that time. In Europe he was probably never known. I think that it’s a shame, because his story is one of the most amazing ever! And not only for sailors. Just take a few minutes to learn about Pelorus Jack’s story of his exploits!

Great weekend … one woman, 2 clubs, 4 friends

What a weekend. Friday an unusual and very long “date”. And Saturday the party straight continues. And Sunday finally swimming in the sea again.

Happy 2^8 day!

Hello together, today a little article in english. Because most of the people to who goes this message speak english… so: Happy Programmers Day :) A friend just reminded me that today is already again the 2^8 day in the year. I couldn’t believe and needed to check. I could swear it wasn’t that long […]

My second night dive – with great video!

My 2. night dive ever. Direkt on the beach behind the dive school. With me was my underwater camera GoPro and I could catch some good moments. Among others with an octopus. You should have a look! ;)

Good morning little cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are a subfamily of the octopus. From time to time I see them during my snorkling trips. Get known more about them and don’t miss the great video, which I could make during my observations.

What is new there? Not much, and there?

Today a few private words again. When nothing else happen… in it: the first words to a world record attempt, diving, visiting the north (with more diving :) ) and also a photo shooting (I was photographer). :)
It worth it to have a look ;)